Are you keeping it real?
Are you keeping it real?

When you think of a successful career person, what do you think of? A stern faced man in a dark business suit? Or do you think of a woman with a tight bun, frozen features and impeccable wardrobe who doesn’t know how to function outside of the boardroom. It’s a pervasive stereotype, to be sure, but just because that’s the way you’ve been told by society that you have to behave in order to get ahead, doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be.

In fact, successful people in the corporate world are just as diverse as any other cross section of the population. Here’s why keeping it real at work will only be a positive asset in your career.

§           Facades crack, foundations stay strong. Who you are at your core is your foundation and if you build upon that, you will be a more solid, well-rounded individual. Conversely, if you build upon something that isn’t your true self, then at some point, it will all come crumbling down. 

§         You have to be real to be fulfilled. It’s impossible for your fake self to ever really feel like they are achieving what they want with their life. Sure, you might have goals that you achieve, but you aren’t doing the kind of work that your true self would find rewarding, so after time, you become less and less motivated to continue to perform. When you are truly fulfilled, you never run out of steam and passion for your work. 

§           People respond to authenticity. They may not know exactly that you aren’t portraying your true self, but people tend to feel more comfortable around people who are happy in their own skin and if you aren’t being authentic, then you likely won’t give off that happy, comfortable, confident vibe. When you remain true to yourself, you exude confidence, which people gravitate towards naturally.                       

§            Your intuition only works when you are being real. I spend so much time talking about listening to your intuition and listening to that gut reaction and what your heart is telling you only works if you’re being real. In order to follow your instincts, you have to remain authentic to yourself and everyone around you. 

§           Authentic relationships can always be trusted. When you’re keeping it real, you’re going to attract people that are in similar frames of mind. People who respond to your authenticity because they live their lives the same way. Because of this, you will form much more meaningful bonds with these people and they can always be trusted because they have no ulterior motives.




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