The KII® Partner Certification and the Enterprise Partner Certification programs are available for on-site training.

On-site training is not only a cost-effective way to build specific knowledge for those who attend the training, but it also allows for a deeper understanding of the Seven Influence Traits®, application of the Five Organizational Competencies®, shared know-how, and understanding to increase leadership development opportunities, productive communication and interpersonal skills, and dynamic teamwork specific to the needs of your organization.

Through an interactive process, we assess and identify your organization’s specific training objectives then produce a KII® training program customized to satisfy those objectives. Through experiential training, participants learn in a “hands-on” and reflective environment that engages both their minds and emotions through a variety of activities. These activities are designed to increase internal growth and result in a higher level of knowledge leading to improved skills and performance. 

  • Modify the content to your specific needs
  • Current topics/issues/problems are covered 
  • Hands on training and demonstrations
  • Adaptation to participants’ learning needs 
  • Unexpected results through shared knowledge
  • Promote teamwork & camaraderie among workers
  • Best bang for your dollar – live training equals greater retention 

On-site training offers the opportunities for the participants to observe and listen to information being presented and to carry out tangible tasks. KKI interactive training includes breakout sessions, discussions, practice, problem-solving activities and evaluations. This approach encourages participants to master materials and ideas through a hands-on environment.  


Additional Benefits of On-Site Training

Tailor the Content

Role-plays, practices, and case studies can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and challenges. Tailoring the content is guaranteed to make training unique and relevant making the proven strategies highly effective for ongoing implementation.

Protect Your Investment

KKI will continue to support your organization’s training efforts and help protect your investment. You’ll receive quarterly follow-ups calls, assistance and support sustaining your certification.

Schedule at Your Convenience

Training can be schedule to fit your time frame, at a time and location that is most convenient for internal coaches, HR personnel, and others.

Maximize Your Training Budget

You can eliminate travel and lodging expenses for your employees. Without ever leaving the building, employees can gain new skills, concentrate on application, and improve their focus.

Invite Other Organizations

On-site training gives you the opportunity to invite professionals from other organizations, your clients or vendors, or interested parties to attend your program. This demonstrates your commitment to your professional and customer relationships.

The overall benefits of on-site training are cost-effectiveness, convenience, dynamic interaction, and building a shared learning experience.

On-site training is not only a cost-effective way to build targeted knowledge for those who attend the program, but it also allows for shared knowledge and understanding to facilitate better communication, teamwork, and leadership development.

KKI provides on-site training for groups (minimum 10 people) on location at your business, organization or company. Selecting the on-site training option offers several benefits – on-site training is;

  • Economical because of reduced travel and hotel costs
  • Flexible because you choose the dates that work best for your group
  • Smart because the return on investment (ROI) is enhanced when more employees have the opportunity to attend

Your organization provides the people, the place and the refreshments. KKI provides the rest. 

Contact us to see if an onsite training is a good fit for your organization.



Influence is a conscious choice to act out of a deep sense of and awareness to one's situation and surroundings.
Being certified as a Keller Influence Professional has been a great asset to my coaching practice. The process of certification was insightful, engaging, and opened up new and vitally important doors of understanding about influence for me. Every client who has taken the assessment has found it to be like looking in a mirror at themselves and are challenged and encouraged by the findings. I would highly recommend certification as a Keller Influence Professional to any coach.
Mike Weaver
Pastor | Leadership, Influence, and Performance Coach