For Enterprises

Business is like a competitive sport. 

Both require laser-sharp focus, hard work and unwavering discipline. The same principles used on the athletic field or court are the same you apply to business strategy.

Influence is the major principle when it comes to sports and business. Just as you influence your passion and confidence to win that next game, you use your passion and confidence to make decisions, solve problems and take risks. The Seven Influence Traits™ are necessary to continue rising to today’s business challenges and setting the bar higher each time. 

Influence is not a mystery. Your ability to be influential and influence can be grown. Your business success depends on it. Your future depends on it.  

By increasing your influence, you’ll have greater capacity to:

  • Produce change.
  • Grow others into their full potential.
  • Inspire people to act.
  • Shape attitudes and behavior.
  • Become an EFFECTIVE leader.
  • Grow your sales each year.
  • Create exceptional results.
Influence is a conscious choice to act out of a deep sense and awareness to one's situation and surroundings.
Dr. Karen Keller
Karen is simply someone who understands people and business. She is someone I consider the very best in her field of expertise. She anticipates the objective and listens well....truly wants to bring significant value to the game.
Tobias W. Buck
Founder, Chairman, President, CEO Paragon Medical Inc. Indiana