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Dr. Karen Keller, a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach specializing in human behavior, has spent her entire career studying, researching, and developing the Art of Influence. She is CEO and Founder of Karen Keller International, Inc. focusing on influence training; corporate, executive and small business coaching; and inspiring and informative keynote addresses.

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Intensive Influence Coaching

Dr. Keller is available for only a limited number of coaching clients each year. During the coaching process you will define with crystal clarity the outcomes you are dedicated to achieving. You may be committed to accomplishing specific business goals, overcoming relationship challenges, or focus on leveraging your potential against the competition.

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Dr. Keller can accommodate a range of speaking and teaching requests from keynote addresses and short speeches to multi-session workshops during a weekend conference or ongoing company training. She brings her enormous energy, insight and enthusiasm when delivering powerful messages to thousands of people.

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Using Karen's strategies and materials helped my transition to a new company as a department manager then securing a VP position in an international company with annual sales of 1.3 billion.
Steve Miller
Global VP Supply Chain Management Wabash National Inc.

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