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In order to gain entry into your dream MBA program, you must do one thing… 


Your successful graduate school application includes more than a high GMAT, GRE or LSAT score. Your application must present maximal strengths and show your true uniqueness. 

Enter the Keller Influence Indicator®, the first and only scientifically-verified, university-piloted assessment that provides a dynamic measurement of leadership abilities by assessing the Seven Influence Traits™.

See the Benefits of Using the KII™ in Your MBA Course 

When you take the KII™ and receive your scores and tailored report, you’ll have a clear understanding of your leadership strengths which set you apart from other candidates. By having a sound measurement of the influence traits which make you stand out from other applicants who, at first glance might have similar professional and academic profiles, you can create an application which shines to increases the odds of admission to a competitive MBA or graduate program. 

The KII™ is a proven advantage, having been piloted at the graduate College of Business and Behavioral Science Program at Clemson University.

Your MBA or graduate application can have an edge over the competition, as you are able to provide a clear, dynamic measurement of your ability to lead and influence others.  This tool will greatly aid you in highlighting your core strengths as you gain insight into what makes you the ideal MBA candidate.  

See the Benefits of Using the KII™ in your MBA Program

What If You Are Already an MBA Student?

If you have already been accepted into an MBA program, the KII™ will greatly give you the edge in building the skills, mindset and attitude to secure a top position or be the leader of a successful start-up. 

Craft a compelling MBA or graduate school admissions essay!

Learn how powerful an asset the KII™ is to gain admission to the most elite graduate studies programs. 

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In crafting the syllabus for my MBA Business Communications course, influence was an important element in the course. I was unsure as to the best way to teach/discuss the subject. Dr. Keller's Influence Assessment was a terrific instrument to make the topic of influence more relevant, clear, and important to my students. She took the time to video conference into my class to explain the assessment tool and research behind the assessment. Her knowledge and passion for the topic of influence added a very credible and important element to my class.
Gary Bernardez
Professor, Clemson School of Business, Clemson University

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