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The KII® Certification Program was developed to measure and certify competence of individual coaches, consultants, educators, managers and trainers; protect and serve consumers of the KII® assessment and products; and inspire pursuit of continuous learning and development.

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The KII® Certification Program will help you boost your skills in coaching, consulting and training in the workplace whether with individuals or groups in an organization. Being a KII® Certified Professional offers your clients additional security in your knowledge, understanding and competence in using the KII® suite of materials.

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After you complete your KII® Certification you will be ready to start using the assessment and the supporting resource materials. These materials are available to you from Karen Keller International, the exclusive publisher of the KII® assessment and provider of the KII® Certification Program. You can also take advantage of the next level of certification, Advanced KII® Certification which goes into more depth including the SOCR® Report and use of the supplemental materials with teams, groups and organizations. 

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Our division saw a 51% increase in shared leadership, a 57% increase in enhanced team competency, and a 65% increase in developing measurable performance targets and definable goals. Overwhelmingly, Karen Keller's coaching contributed to a 46% increase in our continued enrollment from last year.
Deb Conklin
Executive Director Continuing Education Indiana-Purdue University

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