5 Things that Get in the Way of Your Intuition

Your heart, your sixth sense, your gut. Call it what you want, but as women, our intuition plays a big role in shaping the decisions we make from day to day. We rely on it when we’ve already looked over the facts and need to make a decision. But sometimes we ignore it or we can’t hear it because there’s too much noise. Below are five things that can get in the way of our intuition.

Creating Solutions to Impossible Problems

I know, I know. We’ve all heard the inspirational phrases saying, “Nothing is impossible” and I’ll tell you that some things are, in fact impossible purely because the scientific facts prevent them from being possible. Walking on the surface moon without a spacesuit is impossible. Time travel is also impossible. However, I’m sure that there are some brilliant minds trying to figure out how to make both of those impossibilities possible at this very moment.

Is Following Your Bliss a Myth?

We all have dreams. Aspirations. Lofty goals. Many of us know what our passions are in life and we want to pursue a life that incorporates them to the fullest extent. So many people encourage you to “Follow your bliss” and you will be assured happiness. But is that really the case each and every time?

Manipulate without Being Manipulative

We’ve all been in situations that we’ve had to control before they got out of hand when it comes to our job. Whether it was public relations related or an internal matter, learning to be the women in control of the situation without having to resort to manipulation is critical. Here are some tips for manipulating the situation without being manipulative.

How Women and Creativity Go Together

When you’re sitting in your office, looking at the bottom line and developing new strategies and presentations on how to improve sales and drive revenue, sometimes it can feel as though there is no use for creativity in your corporate job. But let me tell you that it is far from the case. Many of the right-brained, numbers driven jobs that used to be American are getting outsourced to other countries where the language barrier doesn’t affect production and costs are much lower.

No One Likes a Tattletale: Learning When to Speak Up

It’s an uncomfortable position to be in when you discover something at your workplace that doesn’t seem quite kosher. If you say nothing, something bad could happen but if you let someone else know, you could be labeled a snitch or a tattletale. How do you decide whether it’s appropriate to bring the missteps to the attention of the right people in the company?


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