Influence Hacks

We all need to be able to move others forward toward a goal, solution, or sale. There are several influence hacks that have been observed. The best influencers have long-term influence development of the Seven Influence Traits. These hacks serve as icing on the cake of a solid foundation of personal development in the realm of increased influence. 

19 Ways To Better Present Your Case to Influence Others

How can you create a message that most influences others? Use these important research backed tips in order to make the biggest impact. Psychologists over the years have studied human interaction to determine there are helps that can bolster the influence you leverage through your message, be it a speech or one-on-one conversation. Of course, the basic strength of your argument is critical to success. The 19 helps are just that, helps. Incorporate them to amplify you basic argument as you learn how to influence others more effectively.

Self-Persuasion: How to Let Other People Talk Themselves into Your Point of View

Influencing other people to change their minds can be challenging. We all resist having our opinions adjusted by others, especially when the message is opposed to our currently held beliefs. But what if you could influence others by allowing them to persuade themselves? We pay attention to ourselves easily. Having the person you seek to influence generate arguments for your cause will have personal relevance for them.

Influencing Through Three Key Human Motivations

Deeper than surface techniques, understanding people’s key motivations can help you to grow your influence. Influencing others is more than using the right arguments, a certain tone of voice, or a negotiation tactic. Understanding other’s motivation is key to changing their minds. Underneath every technique to influence are deeper universal goals every person possesses. When these can be tapped into, real transformation happens.

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