Why NOT Listening to Your Gut Never Works

Start listening to your instincts

As businesspeople, we’re faced with the challenge of competing against others every day, which oftentimes means learning to speak, act and communicate in a why which is not natural to you. This can lead to spending a lot more time focusing on logic and less time listening to your gut. We were given a gift of intuition and we should rely on it more often. What are some of the situations that we get into where ignoring our intuition will have bad results?

The data says “Yes,” but the heart says “no.” You’ve seen it before. The numbers look great on paper. Everything in writing looks perfect, but you still get this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t right. How many times have you gone through with a deal like that and had it turn out sour? If something doesn’t feel right, you should definitely have a second look.

Your gut says “move on.” It happens to most of us. We become unhappy in our current job or career. We start feeling a little voice in the back of our head that chirps “Time to move on and find something new.” When you ignore that feeling, nothing good comes from it. Sure, you may still have a job, but do you have happiness? Are you fulfilled? That little voice is your intuition and it pays not to ignore it.

Your intuition tells you something is wrong. This can be as subtle as a little twinge or as apparent as an alarm going off in your head. For some reason, we sometimes ignore these warnings that something is wrong. Whether it’s a report that just doesn’t feel right, or while walking home at night. Stop telling yourself that you’re just imagining things and listen to your instincts. They will rarely lead you astray.



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