Breaking Down the 3 Obstacles to Your Intuition

Are you fearful of trusting your intuition?
There are 3 obstacles in the way of following your gut

Intuition.  Everyone has it. Some people listen to it more than others.

Your intuition keeps you safe; helping you make the right decisions and even provides a sort of “sixth sense” for what is going on in many situations. You should be using your intuition every chance you get.

So, then, why aren’t you?

My research has repeatedly uncovered the 3 most common barriers that prevent people from truly accessing the full potential of their intuition. Read on to discover how you can overcome those hurdles.


You’re faced with a major ethical dilemma. Either choice has consequences, but one choice just feels more right than the other. Your intuition weighs in, “You know the right decision. Listen to your intuition.” Then you hear this; a nasty little voice in the back of your head automatically says, “But what if you’re wrong? You don’t want to look like a fool, do you? Just ignore your intuition.” 

This is when you enter into self-doubt and negative thinking. The fear of making a wrong choice or hurting someone or missing the mark is what gets in your way. Fear stops you from acting on your intuition. And so much of the time, it turns out your intuition was right all along. 

To overcome your fear of listening to your intuition, just remind yourself that, even though you may not have said anything in the past, your intuition was right. Think of what might happen if you don’t listen to your gut. Is it worth giving into your fear when you might be able to avoid a lot of trouble in the future? 


Maybe you’re new to the company or the department, but whatever the case, you don’t feel totally comfortable in your new position yet, and you lack some of the confidence you’re had in the past. This likely ties in with fear a little. Maybe you’re afraid the new management won’t like what your intuition is telling you or maybe you think they’ll ignore your advice. 

Whatever the case, you need to regain that confidence. You were hired or promoted for a reason, right? The company believes in your abilities enough to put you in a position of power within the company. You’ve relied on your gut in the past and look where it’s gotten you? So keep on listening to it! 


Mistakes happen. Sometimes you make the wrong decisions. You aren’t perfect, but I’m sure you think you need to be. Whatever the case may be, you’ve stopped trusting your own judgment. You made a call and it turned out to be wrong and now you feel like you can’t trust your intuition any longer. 

Being human means making mistakes and making mistakes is the way you learn. This helps you make better decision in the future. However, those decisions do not involve a decline in self-trust. Take some of that confidence that you just regained and know that you’re the right person for the job and trust that your intuition will guide you in the right direction. Take that direction, apply the lessons you’ve learned in the past and take your company to new heights! 

What gets in the way of your intuition? What are your favorite tips to overcome them? 


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