Why I Love Being Wrong

Being wrong is a blessing in disguise

I just love doing things wrong!

I really do love being wrong. I relish it, I wait for it and embrace it every time it walks into my life. I greet Wrong with a smile and if it were possible, I'd buy it a mimosa at Sunday brunch. Now, I don't go out of my way to BE wrong, mind you, but when Wrong shows up at my door, I don't look through the peephole and pretend I'm not home. Over the years, I've discovered a certain power in being wrong. Remember when we were kids - teenagers, even. We couldn't imagine not being 100% right all of the time! If anyone told us we were wrong, well, they were just...WRONG. I don't know about you, but as I traveled through Life's School of Hard Knocks, I came to realize something: Wrong is Right. When you open the door to being wrong, you find new ways to be right. That's reason number one I love being wrong. Reason number two is this: when you're wrong, you can try again. Being wrong is life's little mulligan. A do-over. And half the time, the work is already done for you when you're wrong (because someone's done it right and all you have to do is catch-up). Now, I'm not advocating you don't look both ways before crossing the street, but there aren't many types of wrong that aren't recoverable. I love the do-over. The third reason I love being wrong? That's easy: I love learning. If I could be wrong about something every day and have a new Right presented to me, I'm living right. Whether it's business, a conversation with a friend or a quandary at the grocery store, being wrong gives me the chance to emerge better on the other side. And I can learn how to not make the same mistake again. Now that you know why I love being wrong, why do YOU love being wrong? What does it bring to your life and what do you learn? Go out and hug a Wrong today - you need them (and they need you)!