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Good to great: choosing the right employees

John Lasseter, former President of Pixar Pictures, was asked in an interview, which he thought was more important, having the right people or having the right ideas?  He responded with a laugh saying, ““If I have the right people, I know they will give me the right ideas.” 

Are you leading the right people?

No matter how hard you try, you struggle to find the right people.

You interview one person after another – not certain if he or she is the right person. You listen to their ideas but waiver on how they implement them.

You know you have to start choosing the right people. But how?

It may seem difficult to interview, attract or find the right people to create business success. But it really doesn’t need to be so hard.

Let’s take a look at the five non-negotiable characteristics that the right people possess, making your leadership effective and outstanding.

Hard worker

You want someone who’s always going to put in the extra effort to make sure that the project(s) they’re working are done to perfection and with excellence. There is no room for mediocrity and good enough.


If there’s a problem, you want to be able to know that your employees are going to tell you about it. the right employee will always be respectful, but will be open and communicative with you and the rest of the team.  And they know how to give feedback.

Good initiative

It’s so important for an employee to take your ideas and suggestions and run with them – as fast as they can. They have a get-up-and-go attitude which is hard to find, but a gem when you do discover them. You can trust them to get the work done without the need for too much supervision. 

Listens to feedback

An employee could be communicative, but simply not listen to what others have to say, so it’s really critical that the right hire can listen to any feedback that you have, be it positive or negative, and run with it, capitalizing on its potential. 

Positive attitude

The best way to keep everything running smoothly is a good attitude. You’d be amazed what a difference working with a smile makes in the quality of work and how a positive attitude creates an innovative team atmosphere. The right people have great attitudes and know how to have fun as well as work hard. 

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