Where Does It All Go Right? Recognizing Healthy Relationships

Signs of a healthy relationship - http://www.karen-keller.comAll over America, it’s happening. Smart, successful people are waking up in the morning, looking at themselves in the mirror and realizing, “My goodness, I’m in a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship. What’s happened to me!?” It’s going to be alright. There are many people just like you and you don’t need to feel alone. In fact, you probably don’t feel alone since your partner supports you and offers you daily affirmation. If you aren’t certain whether you’ve ended up in a healthy relationship, below is a list of some of the telltale signs that you have developed a partnership with a loving person.


Constant smiling. Do you find yourself smiling for no apparent reason? Maybe you’re in your office alone or maybe it’s while you’re showering in the morning. If you find yourself inexplicably happy, you’ve probably ended up in a fulfilling relationship.


Overwhelming need to express gratitude. Are you finding that you want to tell the universe “thank you” for the blessings of happiness and joy that your partner has brought into your life? I hate to tell you this, but I think you’ve managed to get yourself into a healthy relationship.


Difficulty hiding satisfaction. Do people approach you at work or when you’re out and ask what’s different or what your secret is to looking happy all the time? Watch out, because chances are, your romantic life might have something to do with it.


Fulfillment in other areas of life. Are you finding that other areas of your life are somehow “easier” because you have the support of a great partner? Keep your eye on this, since it likely means that you’ll continue to run into more open doors.


Desire to return home in the evening. When the clock strikes five, do you start counting the minutes until you get to see your partner at home? Have you discovered that work, no matter how much you love it, doesn’t seem to be the end all be all that you once thought it was? My friend, I believe you’re in a healthy relationship.


Fits of unexplained daydreaming. Do you find your mind wandering during moments alone or times when your mind is otherwise unoccupied? Does it wander to thoughts of your partner and the happiness they bring you? I think you know what this means.


Unconditional love and support. Are you overwhelmed with the way that your partner offers you the care and motivational words that you need in order to face your day or take a brave new step forward? Do you know that you can count on your partner, no matter what? Well, friends, I must say, that you’ve found yourself in quite the healthy relationship.

And may I also add that congratulations are in order to you for staying true to yourself and finding a partner that loves you for who you are and getting what you asked for.