How to Set the Stage for Influence Success

Play the star at your company
There are no dress rehearsals. Make sure the stage is properly set to succeed.

Shakespeare said it best: “All the world’s a stage and the men and women are merely players.”

This is very true, I believe, but there’s no saying that you can’t have a lead role in your company’s “production.” So what’s the key to playing the star at your company? 

Know your lines. If you haven’t already practiced what you want to say beforehand, you won’t deliver a performance with the confidence you need to influence your superiors or peers. Also, the better you know the material, the easier it is for you to adlib on the spot if you need to.  

Practice good blocking. You may not think that positions play a critical role in influencing people, but it most certainly do. Position yourself to be the expert not only of what you know but in the questions you pose, the engagement you encourage and the influence you wield.  

Timing is everything. The wrong timing can blow even the most appealing and well-rehearsed pitch. Make sure that you pay attention to the cues around you so that you deliver a performance that’s timed flawlessly. Observe how people are either receiving or ignoring your message then respond or “flex your style” accordingly.

Make sure your supporting cast is stellar. A good lead is only as successful as their supporting cast so make sure that you surround yourself with a staff or team that you can trust to produce amazing results and lift you up along with them.

Invest in Yourself. Influencers understand their strengths and weaknesses.  They are well informed about their own capabilities, potential and short comings.  True influencers are perpetual students who never stop taking classes, evaluating their own capabilities, asking questions and striving to be the best version of themselves.

Influence success depends on the amount AND the level of impact you have in others’ lives. Be it your customer, your boss, or your co-worker, knowing how to set the stage for a solid performance will serve you well.



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