The Importance of Getting Organized at Work

The Importance Getting Organized at Work,
Don't let a disorganized life keep you from success

If you’re reading this in your office (at home or work), stop for a moment and take a look at the desk in front of you.

What do you see? Is it a mess of receipts, sticky notes, reminders, food wrappers, business cards and other clutter? Can you even see your desk through the mess?

If you said yes, it’s ok. You aren’t alone.

Many of us experience disorganization in our lives. We handle so many other tasks that keeping things organized is usually at the bottom of our list of things to do. But there are several reasons why staying organized should always be a priority in our lives. 

It’s easier to keep track of items and tasks. Oftentimes, we’ll jot a note to ourselves or set a business card down to be dealt with later and then, when we need it, we have no idea where it is. Taking the time to organize your area or desk lets you consciously put items in a place where you’ll remember them.  

Organizing does more than clear your desk. Sometimes our desk becomes an extension of our mind. So when it’s cluttered, so is our brain. Organizing your desk does more than get rid of unnecessary items in real life; it lets us “trash” any useless thoughts swimming around our brain.  

Instead of setting it aside, organizing forces you to manage tasks. It’s so easy to write a note, set it aside and put it off indefinitely. However, when you organize your space, you have to deal with those little notes. You have to decide how important it is or whether it’s worth your time. Organizing your space helps to set priorities and goals.

An organized space gives a good first impression. Who would you trust more: someone with a neat and tidy space or someone with a mess of an office? I bet you said you would prefer to work with the more organized person. So would everyone else. Keeping your space neat makes you more inviting to your peers and superiors.



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