How to Persuade Others to Reach Your Goals

I’m a strong, independent woman who has earned my status in life through hard work and determination. Yes, a lot of what I have I got on my own. But do I have just myself to thank for everything that I’m so blessed to have these days? Absolutely not. If my life were the Oscars, I would have a list of thanks so long that they would have to go to commercial before I finished reading it.  

The thing is, success is not just about you. It’s about the people that help you get there and a lot of times, they won’t help you if you don’t ask. Sometimes they are still reluctant to help even when you ask, so you have to have to hone those persuasion skills to get them to help you reach your goals. While every situation is different, I thought I would offer up a few dos and don’ts to help you get started. 


Try and bribe them. While it’s important to make be people see the benefit of helping you, making it something as blatant as money or a promotion (“Do this and I’ll make sure you get that new position.”)won’t create a lasting partnership. This is someone who is always going to try to profit from anything you do and has no real loyalty. 

Be overly demanding. Look, these people are helping you. Sure it may not be from the most altruistic place in their hearts, but they are helping you. Don’t weight them down with unnecessary tasks. All you’ll do is make them feel used and they’ll be much less likely to work with you in the future. 

Act entitled. No one likes it when you act like a spoiled princess. You do not deserve to have anything simply handed to you. Just like everyone else in this country, you’ve got to earn your success and the trust and help of others. Don’t act like coworkers owe you just because they work for you. 


Be yourself. Authenticity is so important when it comes to every aspect of your life and people can tell when you aren’t “keeping it real.” In all things you do, be true to yourself and people are more likely to help you. 

Say “thank you.” You would be surprised at how few times people actually hear the words “thank you” after they help someone out. A simple thanks can go such a long way sometimes. Simply acknowledging that they’ve helped you makes a world of difference. 

Make sure there’s something in it for them. “Quid pro quo” as they say. Persuasion is all about getting someone to see your point of view as it pertains to them. Whether it’s a task that will give them more experience or something that will give them an opportunity to try something new, getting them to see the benefit for them is very important.