Five Great Things About Female Leadership

The female community

There are endless things that are wonderful about the female leadership community. When you’re thrust into it as I’ve been, that beauty makes itself plenty clear each day. And whether you’re a part of the sisterhood or not, there are incredible things about this dynamic community that we can all learn from – and that’s what today’s post is about.

Your action task for today, even in advance of reading the five things below, is to make your own quick list about the incredible features of the female leadership community. How can you make your world a better place by appreciating them?

Support: By nature, the female leadership community is a nurturing one. That means that we help one another and take new members under a wing to help them weather the inevitable storms on the way to the top. We mentor, we train, we listen. How many communities have you found that can say that?

We’re outspoken. We don’t sit idly by. We encourage other women to find their voice. We speak out against the wrongs we see and make strides to right them. There’s no shame in making waves and we suggest you bring a raft so you can roll over them instead of get caught in them.

We’re intelligent. We’ve gone to college or started our careers out of the gate after education. We’re ready and willing to learn what it takes to be successful and know there’s a difference between failure and opportunity.

We love. We love our careers and families yet never forget that the people in our lives are what make everything possible. We build relationships both inside and outside the home and never forget that both are necessary.

We innovate. We don’t believe there’s a single way to get a job done. We see the opportunity to be creative in how we get from point a to point b. The female leadership community embraces innovative thinking, multitasking and finding roads where there once were none.