The Connection Between Happiness and Success

The Connection Between Happiness and Success,
Finding success and happiness at the same time isn't easy

So many people are laboring under the impression that in order to be successful, you have to give up a little piece of your happiness. Whoever told you this is full of it!  I’m a proud believer that we can all have happiness and success at the same time!

Finding success and happiness at the same time isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world. It takes time and dedication and the ability to ask for what you deserve.

Here’s how to find both: 


F: Fully embrace your career

U: Unapologetically work in your best interest

L: Love the work you do and work on things you love

F: Find your inner strength

I: Impress those around you with your passion

L: Live your life according to your own definitions

L: Let go of others’ negativity

M: Make certain to be thankful for the support you receive

E: Engage in positive conversations with your coworkers and managers

N: Never stop trying

T: Take time for yourself 

That’s right, folks, when you find both happiness and success, you lead a very fulfilling life! I like to think of these little things as bricks that lay the path between success and happiness. Alone, they may not get you very far, but when they’re put together, they create a strong bond that will make it so easy to find happiness and success and to get the fulfillment that we search for during our careers.