Business Coaching: Expect Good Stuff

Great business coaching can really make a huge impact in not just your job, but also your life. You can expect quite a shake in a few areas. These are my favorite.

To begin with, business coaching can change the way you think. A good coach will challenge you to change the way you think about every aspect of your career and your day-to-day workflow. This helps you identify opportunities for improvement and will help you discover the core problem with any issues you may be having at work. Business coaching means getting insights from unique and often completely different perspectives than yours. And having someone outside the situation looking in can be invaluable.

Coaches often come from all kinds of backgrounds, from the legal field to medicine, the corporate world to the political arena. The best coaches are well rounded in many disciplines and can draw on a variety of stories and experience to help you discover angles you have not previously considered.

In business, the real goal is the end results. We are all about solutions. Business coaching can help you make connections between things that you might not make otherwise. A coach will challenge you to innovate and think outside the box, encouraging you to explore groundbreaking alternatives rather than remaining stuck in old ways.

How many times do we hear the buzz word "synthesize" in our work? While it is something of a joke outside the corporate world, the reality is that this became a buzz word because it represents that golden moment when all things comes together for maximum oomph. And nowhere does this apply more than with the collaboration of people.

Business coaching can help you learn to observe other people's strengths, limitations, skills, and even their emotional triggers. Gaining this kind of insight into your team members allows you to put together groups more efficiently and in a way that ensures they will be able to effectively get the job done.

Finally, you can expect a coach to act as a catalyst for your ideas. Business coaching will always include an activation of some sort to help put your new skills and thoughts into gear. And nothing in business is valuable until we have completed the process with execution. With all these benefits and the many more not even listed here, you might want to seriously consider business coaching to give your company or career a serious boost of steam.

Now – your action task for today is to outline FIRST what you expect from yourself. That’s key for any relationship where you’re hoping someone can help you. And here’s a method to my madness – you might just find you can help yourself in some of those areas! Share with us in the comments what you find. I can’t WAIT to hear!


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