How to Empower a Team Beyond Success

How to Empower a Team Beyond Success,
Go Team! You're only as good as the team you empower!

You’ve probably heard this advice before: the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

And it’s true for teams.

The “secret” to enjoying team success has always been about empowering a team further than what any single individual on the team can accomplish.  But that creates a problem for the team leader or the company owner:

How on earth do you continue juggling the team dynamics that often get in the way of team success?

One way to look how to empower your team toward mega-success status, is to think about constructing a solid building.  

Strong foundation. Your team is only as good as the foundation that supports it. That’s you. You have to work hard to be the right kind of supervisor that upholds your team and gives them a solid footing so they can continue building higher and higher and reach for the stars – while still staying grounded. 

Reliable mortar. The glue that keeps the team together: trust. You have got to know that each and every person on your team has your back because you’ve got theirs when they need it. If you don’t have trust on your team, then everything you build can come crashing down with just the slightest problem. 

Quality building blocks. It goes without saying that it’s important that the people working for you are great at what they do or have the drive to become great and will work hard to get there. If you have great employees, it’s hard not to have a solid team. 

Sufficient lighting. If everyone is wandering around in the dark, then nothing will get accomplished. You’ve got to maintain transparency with things that you do involving the team so that they can plan and build accordingly.  

Good ventilation. Keep up the communication! If there are problems or people need to air their problems, you’ve got to be willing to listen or else the team you’re building will become stagnant and uncomfortable.

An empowered team not only understands what everyone brings to the table, but they also make every effort to educate themselves on what others know. Empowered people are constantly updating their skills, and then applying them to their performance. They exhibit initiative to expand their capabilities.

As an empowerer, you need to encourage and set the expectation that people will willingly share roles and responsibilities. Reintroduce the vision, desired outcomes, shared roles, and resources to the team. Give them the opportunity to pull it all together using the strategies they formulate. Invest in communication, problem solving, and reward and recognition systems to help them get started.

P.S. Remember, an empowered team is like a house made of bricks – no wolf can blow it down! This type of true influence can only begin with you!




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