Can You Lead Like Trump?

Being a great leader,
No defeat accepted here

"I don’t need to say anything more. You get it." ~Donald Trump

Regardless if you agree with him politically or share his methods, he is a king of leaders. The picture he conjures is one of enormity peppered with multiple successes and failures.

One thing is for certain – he doesn’t give up. He continues to see the silver lining and if it isn’t there he colors it in himself. Now, that’s a take charge kind of guy. No defeat accepted here.

Why do I admire Donald Trump? Let me tell you.

Commanding Presence

Mr. Trump knows his mind. He exudes confidence in making decisions, is highly influential, and able to impact others, all the while being true to himself. He has developed and maintained authentic business principles that he values.

Passionate Drive

Mr. Trump has a genuine passion for learning. Everything he does is with passion; business, bankruptcy, deals, growth, and golf. It’s his passion that motivates him to build bigger better, no matter what it is. For example, his passion for golf lead him to create Trump Golf to operate world-class golf courses.  Trump says, “My motivation for doing these projects was never the money. I wasn’t even looking for these projects. But my reputation for being passionate about my world is well-known.”  

Emotional Stability

Being able to cope (not ignore) with his emotions is a sign of his global leadership abilities. Mr. Trump is very capable of changing the mood and focus from one of “We are losing money!” to one of “Here’s what the future holds for us!” He can single handedly make people look forward to achieving goals instead of reliving failure.

Raising the Bar – Every Time

It is no secret Donald Trump is assertive. He is straightforward in expressing his opinions, setting high expectations and demanding perfection. He admires competency and commitment from the people who work for him. Mr. Trump works AND plays hard, keeping track of what needs to be done, how it gets done, and what happens next. One of Mr. Trump’s gold rules for success is “Never give up. No matter what the obstacle is, you have to get through it and achieve what you set out tod o. Never even think about giving up.” 

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