2010 Is The Year I Will...

. . . Regain my health by making sense of the Soul-Mind-Body- connection.

The mind processes what the soul offers. The soul is the message inside each of us that creates our passion and desire for living a life with ease and grace. This is the center of our well-being.

The Soul speaks, the mind processes and the body performs. This is the natural order of things.

Well-being is more than diet and exercise, three cars in the garage, a white picket fence and Vogue clothes in the closet. It’s about an attitude that whispers to you that you’re worth whatever you need to do to feel its energy in your mind and body. When we allow it, the soul supports our power to effort in thinking positively and feeling joy down to the bones.

Understanding the purpose of the soul will get you, and keep you, in those skinny jeans, maintain your joy de verve while chasing your three year old, and will have you—and your partner—looking forward to putting the kids to bed early!

. . . Take charge of my business and career.

You can build a strong network of influencers according to Jaymie Scotto. The best way to advance in business is to know who the influencers are around you. For example, if you were to sell ice cream who is your customer? The mother buying the cone or the six year old son who is hungry for ice cream? Knowing the difference will make doors swing open for you.

Do more than entertain the fact that the best career move may be starting your own business. Make a step-by-step plan to make money with your passion.

. . . Get in touch with my money.

There are multiple ways to attract cash into your life. If you believe in the power of the Universe then you know that what you give away comes back ten-fold. Activate your life’s purpose and consider how you can best serve others’ needs.

Don’t forget to ask.In the Jim Carrey movie, Bruce Almighty, he meets God (played by Morgan Freeman) and laments why nothing ever seems to work out for him.

God took him into a warehouse of thousands of white file cabinets. One had his name on it. Bruce reached out to open the top drawer. As he grabbed the handle, the door rushed open, dragging his body some 60 feet.

Apparently there wasn’t one Bruce file cabinet; there were thousands of Bruce files.

“What’s all this?” he says.

“It’s all the things I wanted to give you but you never asked,” God replies.

In real life, Jim Carrey is no stranger to partnering with the purpose of The Universe. As a neophyte actor in 1995, he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars and post-dated it Thanksgiving Day.

He asked; The Universe listened. Just three days before his father’s death in 1994, Jim was offered ten million dollars for appearing in The Mask.

Getting in touch with your highest good requires that you pay attention to what your gut or intuition is telling you to act on. Your intuition will lead you where you must to go to get the money you need.

Truth be told - I used to iron my money when I was young. My kids laugh at this but here’s what it did for me. I learned to appreciate the value of money.

Ironing my money, even if it was just 14 dollar bills, made me feel rich! Having nice neat straight dollars looked great in my billfold. It made me save and look for ways to get more money.

Handle your money well. Love it and it will love you in return.

. . . Learn the true nature of love, confidence and passion.

One simple secret is to stop 2nd-guessing yourself.

How does 2nd-guessing ruin your chances at love, confidence and passion? This is all about being love-based or fear-based.

Fear is the assumed catalyst of our male-dominated, consumer-driven, competition-based culture. Women learn at an early age to please, to win approval, and to fear the disapproval of others.

For this reason, women begin to think or “2nd-guess” who they are because it may not ‘fit’ into someone else’s rendition of who she is—or should be. None of us wants to be on the outside looking in. But is it really so bad on the outside? We are supposed to think outside the box, aren’t we?

The true nature of love, confidence and passion starts with you. Love yourself as you are. Have confidence in who you are and who you are becoming. Your passion is sacred. It’s a part of your life – your soul. To find it, you need to clear away all the clutter and distraction in your life.

More than 150 years ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, 'Always do what you are afraid to do'."

A great book by Susan Jeffers says the same thing but in a different way, "Feel the fear and do it anyway!" The grand thing is, once you take even a little step towards your goal, the Universe will place opportunities in your path.

What will you be aspiring to in 2010?  Let me know your dreams and resolutions.

I’m committed to helping you—if you’ll accept my help—in making 2010 your best ever. For results, for accomplishing spectacular things, for rediscovering confidence and passion. Join me for Influence It! 2010, a 4-part tele-seminar. Register now, it’s FREE.