August 30, 2010

Here’s what’s coming!


Dr. Keller is always brainstorming powerful ways people can achieve real, lasting, powerful results to identify, access and maximize their potential to become an influential person. To completely transform the quality of your life you need to adopt new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Dr. Keller’s premise for becoming and being influential starts with adopting new, empowering beliefs about your influence potential. Once you understand, get excited and develop your potential you can take powerful, consistent action that grows exponentially as your beliefs support your unlimited potential to be influential.

Being Influential Cycle

To build and maintain momentum and motivation, you need to seek out, model the strategies, techniques, beliefs, and tools of the best of the best. You can combine the highest standards with the greatest commitment to attain consistent action.

Let Dr. Keller be your coach, mentor, trainer and guide as you transform your business, career, relationships, and life.

Here’s what’s coming in the next several weeks:

21-Day Quest Program
It takes 21 days to shape a new habit. This program is designed for the person who wants to discover proven strategies, techniques, and motivations all on one MP3 each day for 21 days! You can choose several topics from these categories; Professional Breakthroughs, Leadership, Work/Life Management, Powerful Relationships, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. Learning successful belief patterns and behaviors that provide outstanding results will catapult you into becoming an influential person in all aspects of your life.

Influence Rules
50 things on influence every person should know. Get a jump-start on accessing your influence motivation, learning your Influence Quotient and many other great put-into-action tips. This will help you regain your confidence, determination and fearlessness to achieve all that you dare.

Workbook Series
Set your foundation for being influential with these 7 workbooks designed with 3 levels of interaction: basic, advanced and mastery, all created to meet you at the level of accomplishment you wish to achieve. It will be offered in digital for download, interactive digital for use on your notebook, or in hard copy.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Influence
Dr. Keller’s signature product is in beta test and will be ready for purchase in the next several weeks. This product provides you a measurement of your potential for being influential – looking at 7 scales that are necessary in developing, getting comfortable and eventually mastering your influence capability.

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