Dr. Karen Keller turns professional breakthroughs and personal growth into a step-by-step process that will help you identify what you want, recognize barriers, and achieve outstanding results. The information and personal delivery (KII™ and KII™ materials) are designed with purpose, passion, and a strong desire to help you become the most influential person in your life.

The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII™) is the only scientifically validated assessment of influence potential. You will receive a total influence potential score, K-Factor™ score, along with 7 specific scores measuring the Seven Influence Traits™. Your 40+ page KII™ Report details scores, strengths, blindspots, application, and narratives on how to use your influence and what to do next. 

Each individual KII™ Workbook gives you the opportunity for self-study to increase each of the Seven Influence Traits™. You can purchase them separately depending on which Influence Trait you want to explore first.

KII™ On Demand Training provides an ongoing development process and experience to encourage learning at a pace suitable and supportive to the unique needs of the individual or group.

Imagine what your life would look like once you shift your mindset; shift your ability to influence, and start making a difference that lasts. The KII™ Complete includes the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII™), KII™ Report, SOCR™ Report, KII™ Re-Test, and the KII™ 7 Workbook Series Box Set.

Experience the total KII™ Workbook Series Box Set as you enter into each of the 7 Influence Traits workbooks one by one allowing you to thoroughly immerse yourself in increasing and strengthening each of your influence traits. Each KII™ Workbook consists of 42 Lesson plans of three components; Fundamentals, Competencies, and Mastery.

The 52 Smart Influence Actions Collection is a digest of influence actions that you can take immediately to improve your presence, increase your desired results, and get the respect of others around you. Building influence is definitely a process but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The SOCR™ Report is intended to help you understand your KII® results and how they impact your influence, competencies, and value to an organization. This overview will challenge you to change and apply the discoveries you make.

Curious about how much influence you’re leaving on the table?

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The Keller Influencer Indicator® assessment is easy to take and produces a quite comprehensive and easy to understand report. The workbooks focusing on specific areas are a great idea and provide a simple way to focus on improving one thing at a time. I can’t wait to dig in and learn more to see how best to use with my clients.
Janet Fjeldstad
San Francisco, California