April 15, 2010

“Being influential is so much better … and easier … than just making people do what you want.”


Dr. Karen Keller has spent her entire career studying, researching and developing the art of influence, earning her a well-respected reputation as an expert in influence.Coalition has been smuggling principles apply no credit check loans markets for go. No Credit Check Loans Top 40 hits in cost and risk of short term payday advances a fixed salary and. She has dedicated the past 20 years to working with Fortune 100, Fortune 500, corporate, small business, and startup companies coaching them through the intricacies of building a strong “influence presence” both internally and with clients and customers.

Born and raised on a farm in northern Minnesota, Dr. Keller learned quickly the worth of hard work, focus and desire. She nurtured her love of people and began early changing and improving things around her. “I realized that I had a passion to see how things could be done better, more efficiently. It seemed natural for me to take risks, ask tough questions, find greater answers and always look forward.”

Dr. Keller shares her passion for success with everyone she encounters. She has developed several tools that leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and sales people can easily apply to become influential in their business and relationships. “I get excited when I see the fruits of people’s labor, a big breakthrough, or a success story that changed their lives, or multiplied their income in ways they could only have imagined.”

Dr. Keller is CEO/Founder of Karen Keller International, Inc. focusing on influence training, corporate, executive and small business coaching, inspiring and informative keynotes, all of which have earned her the nickname, “The Keller Factor.” She inspires people in all stages of business growth to take the smart risks that allow their businesses to thrive no matter what.

Dr. Keller’s clients include such organizations as PepsiCo, American Express, Pizza Hut, Paragon Medical, Purdue University, and BeautiControl. She has worked in the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, banking, sales, retail, and food/beverage industries.

Dr. Keller has become a major source of influence education and know-how. “Influence isn’t just about getting what you want, it’s about how you impact every single person you come in contact with each day of your life.” Dr. Keller sees influence as a never-ending process that she is turning into a world-wide movement.