perfect office space

The time has come for you to move from the spare bedroom in your home to an actual office space. Either you’ve outgrown the bedroom and need to hire a couple employees or perhaps your family has grown and you need to use the bedroom for its original intention. Whatever the case may be, follow these tips to find an office that’s a good fit for you.

Size Matters

You’re still growing and depending on how quickly you grow, you’ll either need to ensure that your space has room for more employees when you need them, or that it’s small (and affordable) enough for you and one or two other co workers. Consider the square footage of your new office space and plan for the future before you sign the lease.

Consider Co-Working

If you don’t plan on growing your company too much in the first few years, consider renting co-working space. This is space in a large unit that is relatively cheap, since it’s shared

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