April 30, 2010

“Living an extraordinary life is
a matter of choice, not chance.”


Think about what it would be like to take control over your business, your career, and your life. What kind of life would you be living? Whether you want to improve your company’s leadership, relationships, bottom line or your company’s overall influence, it is all within your grasp.

“Living an extraordinary life is a matter of choice, not chance.” That is the belief Dr. Keller brings with her when she delivers extraordinary content and training to audiences worldwide. Dr. Keller’s events are designed to create massive momentum in your life, and help you immediately break through any obstacles that may be holding you back in an environment of absolute focus.

She blends her extensive influence knowledge and her gift of connection to create a memorable speaking engagement. Dr. Keller’s presentations go to the heart of business possibilities of success for both people and their organizations. She combines her innate business instinct with her messages on influence, leadership, professional breakthroughs, entrepreneurship, and powerful relationships. She leaves audiences inspired and ready for action.

Dr. Keller presents relevant and inspiring keynote presentations and high impact training to all types of events including; Corporate Gatherings, Association Conferences, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats.

If you are interested in booking Dr. Keller for a live event, seminar, or webinar, please fill out the information below or contact Kelly Johnson at speaking@Karen-Keller.com to tell us a little bit more about what you are looking for and we will get in touch with you to answer your questions.