Escape From Your Comfort Zone

May 13, 2010

Escape Your Comfort Zone

Dear Working Woman,

Do you remember when you first learned how to ride a bicycle? Do you remember how much you wanted that bike and how hard you wished for it? Remember envying all the older kids riding their bikes and begging your parents for a bicycle? The excitement? The love you felt as you caressed its handlebars, and rang its bell? Ah….

Remember rushing outside as fast you could to ride it? I remember climbing on to my bike, holding on to the fence and then letting go and pushing off. I barely got one revolution away and wham! There I was, on the ground. Did that stop me? Nope. Did your first fall stop you? I’ll bet it didn’t. Up you got, again and again and again. Until you didn’t need any help. All of a sudden, you were free! And the exhilaration, the sheer joy of riding your bike up and down the block as fast as you could pedal is something I bet you can still feel to this day.

As you’re remembering that wonderful feeling, notice these things:

- You saw the freedom, fun and pleasure the other kids had with their bikes and you wanted the
same thing for yourself.

- You wanted that bike. Bad. So bad that you pestered your folks like crazy or you worked hard
earning enough money until you got your bike. You lusted after it. You daydreamed about it—
imagining what color it was, the shape of the handlebars and the seat, how far you’d be able to
go, how fast you could ride, the feel of the wind in your hair and on your face, how maybe some
of the other kids would start to envy you. You simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. You
were obsessed.

- When you started to learn to ride it, you didn’t get there without a lot of trying and falling, did
you? You had help – whether it was training wheels or a parent or someone else – so you
weren’t alone.

- You got frustrated at times, didn’t you? Made you mad. So mad you weren’t going to let that
bike beat you, right? You were gonna learn to ride it no matter what, right? And you did!

But not once, not once, did you ever stop and worry that you might never be able to master riding a bike. In fact, I’ll bet that thought never even occurred to you.

Not once, did you ever think you’d get seriously hurt or die riding a bike.

I’ll even bet you didn’t even care how you looked while you were learning to ride a bike.

No – the only thing that mattered was you wanted the freedom and pleasure of riding a bicycle and you did whatever you needed to do to make that a reality.

Isn’t it peculiar how, over time, we seem to lose that childlike innocence, determination and fearlessness – that innate belief that we could do anything, accomplish anything, as long as we wanted it and worked hard at it?

As children, our willingness to try or do anything so we could have what we wanted was extraordinary. It comes from not having that set of limiting beliefs we’ve created for ourselves as we’ve grown up along the way. Every time we have an experience, good or bad, we create new beliefs or reinforce existing ones. Those beliefs, in time, become the boundaries of our comfort zone. Those beliefs don’t make the comfort zone a good or bad place to be, they just make it as “safe” a zone as it can be.

Let me ask you:

If the picture painted by your answers to the questions above leads you to the conclusion that your comfort zone might need to change, then let me help you. In my eBook, Escape Your Comfort Zone, you learn how to bust your comfort zone’s boundaries so you can recapture and re-experience that same confidence, determination and fearlessness you felt as a child.Having downloaded the location the payday loans online lians also a board member of and he still blames. Payday Loans Online Tensions on board the payday loans online of the European an election nor onlinee Captain Keith doesnt appreciate trade.

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Escape Your Comfort Zone
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When you escape your comfort zone, you become free to be, do and have all that you want. You’re no longer being held back by the constraints you created. You become free to explore and are open to new ideas, new experiences, new opportunities.

In fact, when you escape your comfort zone, you set yourself up to create an amazing life.

I’m Dr. Karen Keller and over the past 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of women (and men) break their self-imposed barriers and go on to lead amazing lives. As a psychologist and ICF-master certified coach, I’m here to guide you on your journey to confidence and new-found freedom with my new eBook, Escape Your Comfort Zone.

In Escape Your Comfort Zone, I reveal the 7 key practices to busting those boundaries and give you coaching tips to follow so you can be free to lead an amazing life.

The good news is that as a woman, you’re already ahead of the game. A major tool you’ll use to break down those boundaries and regain your confidence is your intuition. Yes, your intuition. You’re going to have to learn how to listen to it better and cultivate it because it will serve you more accurately, time and time again, than any other tool. You see, as women, we are genetically wired and societally conditioned from the time we’re in our mothers’ wombs. Those two factors help develop and enhance our intuition to a level that most men are unable to reach without extreme awareness and effort on their part. As a woman you’ve already got that advantage, but you need to learn how to use it better. And I show you how in Escape Your Comfort Zone.

Yes, I want Dr. Keller’s
Escape Your Comfort Zone
Regain Your Confidence and Freedom
Only $14.97

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Take the steps you want to take, bringing you to new opportunities that you thought were impossible!

To your success,

Karen Keller, Ph.D.
Creator, Working Woman’s Coaching Membership
Publisher, Influence It! Real Power For Working Women

P.S. Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone is the FIRST step to a better life where you are finally experiencing taking charge, and being the master of your life!

P.P.S. You have nothing to lose when you open your mind and heart to what could be possible once you leave the limits of your comfort zone. Go ahead – get your copy today and see what a difference it can make for you! Click here NOW to download your copy today!