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Success doesn’t just tap us on the shoulder; it’s something you have to go after. You need to learn what you want and discover and improve the skills and natural abilities you already possess to get it. It’s a conscious choice to prepare for opportunities that cross your path.

Preparedness + Opportunity = Results

To do this effectively, you need a process – a method that guides you through doubt, fear, and uncertainty - a process that teaches as well as affirms. You need a process that ensures you’re focusing where it matters, learning new strategies and tools to make a difference, and then taking action to build momentum and produce results. 

"It's time to start getting what you want... taking charge of your life... learning how to start."
~ Dr. Karen Keller

Dr. Karen Keller turns professional breakthroughs and personal growth into a step-by-step process that will help you identify what you want, recognize barriers, and achieve outstanding results. The information and personal delivery (Influence Programs and Coaching) are designed with purpose, passion, and a strong desire to help you become the most influential person in your life.

If you are serious and ready to invest in a lifetime change check out our products and programs. 

It starts with you. Click on any of these outstanding products, programs, and services to take action (or learn more). 

Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®)
The ONLY Assessment for Measuring Influence Potential

How influential are you? What is missing in your life? What could you be doing differently by using what you already possess? What could you do more of if you were highly influential? 

The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the only scientifically validated assessment of influence potential. You will receive a K-Factor® score, which if your overall score of your influence potential, along with 7 specific scores measuring the 7 Individual Influence Traits™. 

After you take the KII® you will get a customized 40+ page KII® report detailing scores, strengths, blindspots, application, and narratives how to use your influence and what to do next. 

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KII Complete™
The Total KII® Package of KII® Materials

Dr. Keller works on the premise that changing your external circumstances begins by shifting your internal focus. Powerful successful leaders and business people apply this thinking to everything they do. This same opportunity is constantly available to you – you just need to say yes! 

Imagine what your life would look like once you shift your mindset; shift your ability to influence, and start making a difference that lasts. 

The KII® Complete includes:

  •  Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®)
  •  KII® Report
  •  KII® Re-Test
  •  KII® 7 Workbook Series Box Set

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KII® Workbook Series Box Set
KII® Complete Set of All 7 Workbooks in the KII® Workbook Series

Experience the total KII® Workbook Series as you enter into each of the 7 Influence Traits™ workbooks one by one allowing you to thoroughly immerse yourself in increasing and strengthening each of your influence traits. 

As Vince Lombardi has stated, “It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the does, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it.” You can apply this inspirational statement in a very real way, by engaging yourself in these 150+ page action-oriented workbooks that are designed to look at three levels of the trait in that particular workbook. 

Each KII® Workbook covers 3 levels:
  1.  Fundamentals, is designed to get you started on identifying and defining your trait. 
  2.  Competencies, is designed to help you understand your trait and all the possibilities. 
  3.  Mastery, Helps you accelerate and cement the trait in your work, family, and community life. 

Each KII® Workbook Series Box Set can be purchased in 3 formats; digital only, black/white hard copy, and color hard copy. You can make your format selection at checkout. 

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KII® Individual Workbooks
Individual Trait KII® Workbooks

Being influential is a state which gives you direct impact on another person or situation. To become more influential you have to work from the inside out, focusing on each of these 7 Traits of Influence™; Confidence, Commitment, Courage, Passion, Empowering, Trustworthiness, and Likeability, have a direct impact on your potential for influence. Imagine what you could accomplish if you maximized each of these traits, raising your influence potential?

The purpose of the KII® Workbooks is to study, organize, and then implement the information about that particular trait. The KII® Workbooks give you the opportunity to increase your trait comprehension, helping you to make meaningful connections between related concepts, leading to a higher level of learning.  

Each individual KII® Workbook can be purchased in 3 formats; digital only, black/white hard copy, and color hard copy. You can make your format selection at checkout. 

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KII® On Demand Training

Whether you’re looking to develop yourself, an employee, or educate a greater audience, KK® On Demand training helps you tackle the issues, challenges and frustrations of training head-on with providing engaging content and a different kind of learning. KK® On Demand training provides an ongoing development process and experience to encourage learning at a pace suitable and supportive to the unique needs of the individual or group.
Dr. Keller is continuously developing and adding new On Demand training events to address specific competencies as well as industry-specific topics. Check out the KK® On Demand products today!

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52 Smart Influence Actions Collection

The 52 Smart Influence Actions Collection is a digest of influence actions that you can take immediately to improve your presence, increase your desired results, and get the respect of others around you. Building influence is definitely a process but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.
These influence ideas and ‘take-now-actions’ will open you up to new ways of thinking about and increasing the impact you have on others. You’ll start seeing results in yourself (and in the reactions of others to you) from the very first Smart Influence Action.

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KII® Re-test

Once you have completed the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) you are eligible to repeat the KII® to evaluate your improvement. This is usually done approximately 6 months after the first KII® and undertaking a self-study course designed to help you increase your level of each of the 7 Traits of Influence™. The KII® Workbook Series is deliberately written to coincide closely with the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) to ensure maximizing your study and improvement of each 
influence trait. 

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