Declaration of Love Thyself Month – Take the Triple-30 Relationship Review

February 1, 2011

Declaration of “Love Thyself Month” – Take the “Triple-30” Relationship Review

(Fort Wayne, IN) February 1, 2011 – Relationship issues can be as complex and varied as the human species but we cannot survive without them. Every day, people are engaged in relationships; most don’t run smoothly at the best of times and others are constantly painful. But it doesn’t have to be like that says influence and persuasion expert, Dr. Karen Keller.

Keller says there are quick, easy ways that can put people back in the driver’s seat of their relationships, and it doesn’t mean long drawn-out therapy sessions or rehashing the past. “There is no need for me to get an in-depth monologue on a person’s childhood, why they prefer brown bread over white or why their mother-in-law pushes their buttons in order to give them a solution,” says Keller. “I quickly assess problems and provide people with easy-to-implement tools and techniques that garner immediate results,” she says.

To that end, Keller is offering special one-on-one laser coaching sessions during “Love Thyself” Month at Karen Keller International Inc. For just $30, 30 people can buy 30 minutes of her time. It’s Keller’s “Triple-30″ Relationship Review. That’s a $450 value for less than the cost of dinner on the town or a movie night with the kids.

Keller’s mission is to help professional woman over 40 to learn the power of influence and persuasion, to understand that they don’t have to sacrifice themselves in order to be in satisfying, functional relationships. “All too often I see women who feel powerless in relationships, even ones who are CEOs of major corporations,” says Keller. “And to change that, all we have to do is to tip the scale back in the woman’s favor with proven self-empowerment tools that can be applied to any situation for immediate results.”

Keller’s Triple-30 Relationship Review comes at a good time. With the economy still fluctuating and people being downsized or going into business for themselves and struggling to balance work and home life, relationships are taking on new importance. More and more people are realizing how precious and precarious life can be and are much more interested in working on the things and the people they value most.

“My clients are dealing with different problems than their parents did,” says Keller. “With the lightning-fast pace of today’s modern society, a family’s time is split between so many competing things. On some level, people want to return to a simpler time, and I think that’s what’s driving the need to connect on a deeper level and to make relationships work. It’s all about learning to influence them for the best possible outcome.”

For complete details on Dr. Keller’s “Triple-30” Relationship Review: 30 dollars for 30 minutes for 30 people and to book a session, visit:

About Dr. Karen Keller

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