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What They’re Saying!


Effective leadership. Period. Get the “real deal” on Real POWER for Women And Influence It! Discover how Dr. Keller’s powerful message of influence, persuasion, leadership, success, empowerment and intuition have affected people (specifically women!) across the globe… The following are feedback and testimonials from Dr. Keller’s many readers and clients: =================== “Wonderfully thought provoking, Karen. Bravo!" -Marcia B. (Ontario, Canada) =================== “[Karen’s] lessons are valuable and I wouldn’t want to miss a word!“ -Minette H. (Tarpon Springs, Florida) =================== "Karen, Great strategies. I’ve certainly learned from examining the ways in my life I’ve submerged my comfort zone to let others define it for me...” -Sarah C. (Rochester, New Hampshire) =================== “What a great article! I think our soul is also our intuition as well as the other things you listed. And all of us at some time tend to live on auto pilot or, as you said, ‘sleepwalk’ our way through life … It’s a challenge and I catch myself sleepwalking at times, but I keep working at it.” -Lori L. (Atlanta, Georgia) =================== Hey Karen, I really like the ‘woman’s translation’ piece … it’s spot on! Well done!” -Lisa B. (Israel) =================== “[Karen] YOU have a wonderful program, and sincerely, I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE!” -Sylvia P. (Modesto, California) =================== “Dear Karen! I want to thank you for your wonderful Influence It! teleseminar. It was very good and informative. I learned a lot and got tons of inspiration. Thank you!” -Lin S. (New York, New York) =================== “When I started my own company, I invested in Karen Keller’s coaching program. It was the best investment I made! She inspired me to take the risks needed to take charge of my destiny. My client numbers increased 35% and my profits shot up 60%–in my first year! Dr. Keller motivated me to invent and implement ways to expand my business 45% with little financial investment. Her ideas were critical to helping me know which actions to take.” -Roberta S. (Rome City, Indiana) =================== “Karen Keller is ‘Influence Mastery” Two things are immediately noticeable in executive coaching with Dr. Keller: (1) her expertise and (2) insight on the value of productive team performance, decision making, and influence mastery. Our division saw a 51% increase in shared leadership, a 57% increase in enhanced team competency, and a 65% increase in developing measurable performance targets and definable goals. Overwhelmingly Karen Keller’s coaching contributed to a 46% increase in our continued enrollment from last year.” -Deb C. (Fort Wayne, Indiana) =================== “Dr. Keller motivated me to expand my business by a 200% growth in my team sales and a 200% increase in my commission check … Dr. Keller’s coaching program (showed me) how to influence everyone I came in contact with … She showed me how to take control of my life and throw out the clutter which took me to new levels of creating wealth.” -Deb O. (Southlake, Texas) =================== “From regional manager to international executive with quadruple the pay, Karen Keller’s unique blueprint carefully outlined the step-by-step process for creating high-impact influence and let me know when I was being influenced in a way that didn’t serve me. I put Dr. Keller’s ‘7 critical behaviors’ into practice right away to not only increase my sphere of influence by 40-60% in all my conversations, but maintain that level consistently … Bottom line: Karen coached me from being a regional manager to an international executive.” -Lloyd M. (Myrtle Beach, North Carolina) =================== “Karen, I just listened to your gift that you gave me with my subscription … thank you so much … I am looking forward to hearing all your inspirational messages.” -Patti R. (Lambertville, New Jersey) =================== “Wow! This (article) is a keeper. Thanks for the great tips!” -Susan H. (Palm Beach, Florida) =================== “Thanks for some great tips, Karen!” -Andrea B. (Portland, Maine) ===================