Real Power for Men

Dear Renaissance Man, You've stumbled upon my website and I believe in fate.  Everything happens for a reason. And if you’re searching for real-life solutions to help you achieve the ultimate in success, power, assertiveness, leadership, and overall life enrichment, then do I have news for you! Although I’ve refined my personal and executive coaching principals to help women, I certainly didn’t start out that way.  My initial focus was on men.  And yes, my original clients – some of the most influential people in the world – were men. I didn't forget about you.  Don’t think for one second that because my site is “Influence It! Real POWER For Women” that I can’t help you Influence It! as well. The same powerful and proven methods that I use with my female executive and coaching programs, had originated from my initial training and coaching programs developed for men. For over two decades, first as a psychologist in private practice and then as an executive coach, I’ve been helping men get ahead in the world using one secret weapon … Influence. Using my guidance, Sr. VP’s and Sr. Executives have transformed their careers (and lives!). Whether they were a CEO or an Executive Director – their influence skills helped quadruple salaries, earn higher commissions, and granted access to all the elite perks that go with corporate advancement. I’ve also consulted on multi-million dollar deals in the boardroom, to rewriting state policies in the legislature … all partnered with men. So whether you’re looking to… Advance in your current career Start a new career or business venture Achieve academic success Gain influence and persuasion skills for personal or professional growth Receive executive training Reach the ultimate in life fulfillment I have high performing, easy to implement, solutions customized for your specific and individual needs. If you’d like to learn more and FINALLY achieve real success, please email me at All the best, Karen Karen Keller, Ph.D. Creator, Influence It! In the meantime, if you are like the hundreds of men I have coached to success, you, too, will see the value in understanding a woman’s influence; how they do it, where it comes from and what results from having it. Just imagine what it could mean to you if you could better understand the women around you, whether at work or in your personal life. How can you do that? Easy. Just subscribe to Influence It! Real Power For Women and read everything they are reading! It’s that simple.