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Would you like to…

Sleep peacefully each night,
because you’ve taken charge of your future?

Be energized and excited every morning,
as you get ready for your day?

Know you’re capable of handling any challenges that come your way?

Imagine…being powerful.

Dear Fellow Working Woman,

Why is it that some people seem always to be in command and everything seems to fall into place effortlessly, while others seem to constantly suffer and struggle?

Maybe you know someone everyone constantly goes to for advice? What about the friend who never has to interrupt to be heard in a meeting? Or the woman who everyone listens to at dinner, while you just sit there and get angry or give up and walk out?

How about the last time you went to a party with your date only to have people shake your date’s hand first? Or they show more interest in what other people had to say?

Do you just shrug it off? Or do you sometimes think secretly to yourself “why can’t that be me?”

As a matter of fact it can be you.

I want you to close your eyes and remember a moment in your life when you felt powerful. When you “called the shots.” When things were going your way.

What did you do? Did you laugh with utter abandon? Did you smile? What else did you feel? Were you excited?

You could have been 5 years old or 50. It could have lasted for only a few seconds or as long as a few hours. It doesn’t matter. Remember what it felt like.

Hold on to that feeling for a minute. Come on. Close your eyes. Feel it fully in your body.

If you can’t recall such a moment, instead imagine being in a situation where you are powerful and feel it all the way down to your toes. Hold that feeling in your body for a minute.

So…what was it like? Being whole? Larger than life? Full to the brim? Complete? Quiet? Exuberant? Confident? Grounded? Centered? Joyful? Relaxed? Energized? What was it like for you?

Would you like to feel that way whenever you want?

Would you like to go beyond just feeling powerful to actually being powerful?

If not, thanks for dropping by! Feel free to close this window and go on with your life.

But if you want to become powerful…

Becoming powerful is DOABLE FOR EVERY WOMAN

Your power is there, just waiting for you to tap into it. You've caught glimpses of it, even experienced flashes of it, but you have trouble accessing it whenever you want. Why is that?

Like most women, there’s “stuff” between you and your power that isn’t working right.

Think about a light bulb. To make its light shine, all this “stuff” between the light bulb and the electricity that powers it has to work right. The light bulb needs a socket, an on/off switch, a cord, a plug, an outlet and an account in good standing with the electric company. The light shines only when it can effortlessly tap into the electricity, which is the source of its power.

But if the other parts are missing, or broken, or the switch is turned off, or the electric bill hasn’t been paid, well, then shining the light is impossible.

Just like the light bulb, for you to shine your light (become powerful), you need to be able to effortlessly tap into your power source whenever you want.

So what exactly is this power source?

Believe it or not, it’s simple, easy to tap into and easily renewable—once you know what it is, nurture it, learn how to access it and regularly practice it.

Transform Your Life With
5 Secrets of Extraordinary Success

My name is Dr. Karen Keller and over the past 20 years I’ve helped thousands of women (and men) embrace their power. And now—it’s your turn. I want to help you become powerful.

You see, like me and many women, you’ve probably spent a lot of your life feeling “less than.” Maybe you feel like you never, ever make the grade. You doubt and second-guess yourself, hesitate among choices, talk yourself out of doing what you know is the right thing, but are afraid to do them. You may even feel lost from time to time, or out of control and unable to get a grip.

Believe me, I know how you feel. Many years ago, when I was a struggling single mom, I worked in the public sector as a psychologist. You would think that I wouldn’t have had a problem being powerful. After all, I had my PhD, I was a director and I was paid a decent salary. But all around me, I saw things that were being done poorly or just weren't right. And yet, I felt powerless to do or say anything because I needed my job.

One day, I sat in on a meeting in my boss’s office. He had many employees, but he had asked for me particularly and he was a very powerful man. While I was flattered, I also believed that if I pissed him off, I could have been gone faster than you could turn off the lights. So when the meeting was over and he asked me for my opinion of the people and their motivations, I was quaking in my boots.

All I could think was, “Can I take a chance and tell him the truth? Or, will he get so angry he fires me? But if I don’t say what I really think, I don’t know that I can live with myself. But if I tell him my real opinion, it will create major problems for other people who will be angry at me. And, who the heck am I anyway? Why would he really listen to me? After all, what do I know?

I went back and forth, back and forth. All this took just a few seconds in my head, but you get the idea. I was afraid, yet for some inexplicable reason, at that moment I felt I could tell him what I really thought.

So I took a chance. I asked permission first (I’m not stupid), “Can I speak freely?” And he replied, “Yes! Of course. I really want your opinion.”

And you know what? It was such a relief to finally say what I really thought. And his response? “Gee, I never would have thought about it that way. Tell me more.” And we proceeded to have a truly meaningful conversation. He really heard what I had to say.

From that moment on, he began to include me in his meetings. I became his trusted confidant. Me, a “mere” woman! I was “only” a psychologist. (To add insult to injury I was a director, which although it meant I was in a position of authority, I really did not have any power.) And as our relationship developed, I could see how our discussions were re-shaping his thoughts and opinions. He began looking at the world very differently. And because he was a powerful man, he was able to make many positive improvements in our corner of the world that I, even as a director and psychologist, could not.

That day in his office, the second I spoke up, I became powerful. In that moment,
I embraced my power and I’ve never looked back.

Have you had moments like this? Did you speak up? Or you do what I used to do and not say anything controversial? Have you been in similar situations where you had authority, but no power?

The 5 Secrets of Powerful Working Women

Having read this far, chances are good you've reached the point where you are ready to make a massive change in your life. A transformational change that will lift you up and inspire you so that when you get up every morning you look forward to your day with confidence, anticipation and a great big smile on your face.

Secret #1
Tap Into The Most Powerful Gift You Already Have

As a woman, you already have an innate characteristic – an incredibly powerful gift resides within you and has the potential to create overwhelming success in your life. However, few women acknowledge this mind-blowing talent exists or wield it to their advantage. And the best part is, this gift is simple-to-awaken, easy-to-master, and the results are priceless!

What is this gift?

It’s your intuition. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. A woman’s intuition. Big deal. So what"?

Truly, it IS a big deal. As women, one of our greatest talents is our communication skills. And, we start developing these skills in the womb. Many scientific studies have proven that female infants are far more sensitive to a person’s tone of voice, facial expressions and body language than male infants.

And we’re not just genetically wired for it. We’re also societally conditioned to be more sensitive to others—what and how others communicate is crucial to our ability to be accepted in society as women.

Your intuition is rooted in your ability to read people and situations without even knowing you’re doing it. It goes on subconsciously, constantly working behind the scenes. Your intuition is the highest expression of your innate communication skills. Your intuition knows in milliseconds once you’ve cultivated it. You can’t explain it, you just know and nothing can change that feeling of utter certainty.

Nurturing your intuition, learning to trust it and act on it, is crucial for tapping into your power source. Think of your intuition as the plug for your light bulb.

But intuition, while valuable, isn’t enough. You also need…

Secret #2
…To Go Where You Have Not Gone Before

In my example with my boss, I wouldn’t have become powerful if I hadn’t been willing to do something I’d never really done before at work – truly speak my mind about what I knew to be true — out loud! Growing up, I had been taught that women were supposed to behave a certain way, to conform. It meant being polite and courteous, always being respectful of others’ feelings, and putting others’ needs ahead of my own.

Well, conforming was not something I ever did well. I was always getting into trouble. I’ve always had a hard time not saying what I know to be true. So working in the public sector was a tremendous challenge for me (to say the least). It has a very rigid hierarchical structure and there was tremendous pressure to conform to certain behavioral norms, the biggest of which was never to say anything controversial. Ever.

Does that sound or feel familiar?

So when my boss asked my opinion, all this “conform or face the consequences” stuff was bouncing around in my head, blocking my power source. I was struggling between doing what was expected (not rocking the boat), and being horribly uncomfortable. My power cord had a short in it!

I was fortunate that enough of the power source leaked through. I grasped onto that tiny spark and asked “Can I speak freely?” Just by asking that question, I stepped out of my expected role of deferring to my “betters.” So when he said “yes,” I felt free for the first time in years. Yet I was also scared half out of my wits because I felt I was jumping into space. I was being true to me, but I was also under pressure by my co-workers who would be appalled if they knew what I was doing. In the end, I had no idea where I was going to land, but I couldn’t stay where, and as, I was. Stepping out of my comfort zone, the freedom to speak my mind, became an irresistible force.

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And that’s what you have the potential to do. You need to experience the security of something that initially seems to hurt the very core of your existence, but is actually the fullest expression of who you really are. You can do it. Your survival depends on fixing the short and untwisting the power cord so you can tap into your power source!

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