Corporate Training

Learn to Become the Influential Person You Can Be Through Customized Corporate Training, Group Training or On-Site Workshops... For All Organizations... Large and Small!


There are thousands of executive trainers but only one with Dr. Keller’s accomplished, dynamic, energetic and charismatic style. This – coupled with her over 20-years of executive coaching, psychological insight, business building and leadership experience – will give any C-level executive, manager, or member of a corporate team the arsenal of tools needed to become a more powerful, decisive, creative and strategic thinker. In other words… the ideal influencer.

If you are an HR generalist, corporate trainer, personnel manager or simply someone looking to help their executive team reach maximum potential – then Dr. Keller can tailor a plan for you.

Dr. Keller conducts an initial evaluation to better understand your company and the people in it – their strengths, deficiencies, obstacles, goals and other fundamental criteria. You will then discuss a strategic action plan to not only address these issues, but to also help direct your staff and arm them with the tools they need to master influence, persuasion and empowerment for maximized leadership and team success.

Inquire about how Dr. Keller’s corporate training can be your answer to creating  . . .  Give your employees, executives, and managers the opportunity to win at influence by scheduling a complimentary session today with Dr. Keller by answering a few quick questions. Please click here now!