The Best Business Investment You Can Make: Step 6

business investment convergence

It's time to connect all the pieces of your business investment puzzle!

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." Theodore Roosevelt So, we've spent just over two weeks now reviewing your business investment on EVERY level: intellectual, emotional and financial. Today, we'll chat about where the rubber meets the road: the point where they all converge. It's not at Starbucks or the grocery store. It's your every day business practices. You, dear reader, are a veritable balancing act! You're pretty much an expert juggler, yet it's likely no one's ever called you that. You're an unstoppable machine when it comes to your business investment...but you know what? You can do better. We all can! And it's not even as difficult as it might sound at first. I'll be honest with you: there are things I do better than others in my business. But just because I don't do some things as well as others doesn't mean they're not important or I don't get credit for trying. The key to building a better business investment is what we've gone over these past two weeks: identifying your intellectual, emotional and financial investments and seeing what we can do better. Some of you have realized that you could be spending your money in different places. Others have realized that you need a colleague to bounce ideas off of, and I'll bet one or seven of you have noticed that you're not truly monetizing your intellectual investment to its full potential. This convergence is where we can all do better. And sometimes, we need some help. I'm lucky that my career as an executive coach lets me work with people seeking to balance this convergence each and every day. And we ALL need help creating that balance. Here are some examples:

  • Great with making money but NOT great at managing it? A virtual assistant and CPA can help keep you in line.
  • Great with balancing the bank account but NOT so at client goodwill? A part-time assistant could make follow-up and thank you calls for you, as well as manage your email campaigns to stay in touch.
  • Is your family vacation the same weekend as a great conference you want to attend? Split the cost with a friend or colleague and attend "virtually" for half price! R&R and education - easy.

Now, here's your action task for today: make a list of places in your business (and personal) life you'd like to add more balance. On Tuesday, we're going to talk about how to get the help you need so you can do the things you love doing each and every day. Make it a great weekend!

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