Avoid Dangerous Repetitive Business Mistakes

How to Avoid These 3 Dangerous Outcomes of Repetitive Business Mistakes?

Fort Wayne IN December 2, 2010 – Influence and persuasion expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D., addresses the 3 ‘profit pitfalls’ women make when trying to build their dream business or break the glass ceiling.  These ‘pitfalls’ are responsible for failing to increase profits, build opportunities, and expand creative thought. According to Keller, “Each woman has the innate makeup to give of themselves to everyone else.  And when they do that they find at the end of the day their most prized resources are no longer available to them. ” She adds, “This cycle can be broken and NEEDS to be broken for women to not only survive in the business world but thrive.” The ‘top 3’ profit pitfalls ALL businesses should avoid, according to Dr. Keller include: Energy.  Most entrepreneurs and business leaders thrive on having an abundance of energy.  They pride themselves on taking care of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. -      Losing energy happens to everyone.  This is when stress sets in - the damaging kind that leads to disease. -      It’s important to identify your leading ‘energy drain’ business mistakes. -      Stop wasting your energy in fighting change. Time.  Use time wisely. -      Recognize your time-suckers and do something about them.  Think of the productivity,              the treasures and the dreams that could be fulfilled without these productivity vampires. Focus.  Know that each stage of a business has its own specific needs.  What works in stage one doesn’t necessarily work at stage three. -      Don’t search for unrealistic business opportunities when can be spent on developing new products or services to expand existing business? Keller concluded, “When you stop wasting your most valuable – even priceless – resources of energy, time and focus you will watch your bottom line soar.  These three resources are equally important in your personal life as well as your professional life.  If you practice using these resources daily you will reach goals you thought were impossible.” For more business information for women, or to sign up for a free subscription to Dr. Keller’s newsletter, Influence It! Real Power For Women, visit http://karen-keller.com/female-leadership-influence-success/ To sign up for Dr. Keller’s free teleseminar, 7 Business Mistakes And What You Need to Know to Get Ahead, visit http://karen-keller.com/top-7-business-mistakes/.

About Dr. Keller

Karen Keller, Ph.D. is an expert in women's leadership and assertiveness training.  She is also a successful entrepreneur and author.  She specializes in the skills of influence and persuasion, executive coaching, mentoring, sales techniques, management development training, motivational speaking, personal life coaching, and corporate training. Discover Influence It! Real POWER for Women now!  For your free subscription visit www.karen-keller.com.