7 'Must Know' Secrets on Creating Influence

7 Must Know Secrets on Creating Influence

Learn how to: - Wield the arts of influence and persuasion - Recognize and protect yourself when someone is trying to “play” you - Develop your personal power

Dear Working Woman,

Do you ever wonder why certain women seem to excel personally and professionally? That whatever they want seems to just come to them and it looks effortless?

Do you ever wonder what they’re doing that you’re NOT?

Well, it’s quite simply this. These women have become really, really good at using the subtle arts of influence and persuasion in their everyday lives.

They use these arts effortlessly. Influence and persuasion have become second nature to them. In fact, these women are viewed by the people they influence as being ethical, honest, sincere women of character and conscience.

Now, these aren’t difficult skills to learn, but they require a conscious effort on your part to acquire. And the good news is, as a woman, you’re already genetically wired with many of the fundamental skills you need to be successful at wielding influence and persuasion!

Now you may think I’m talking about using your sexuality—you know, flirting, showing more cleavage, batting your eyelashes, wearing short skirts. Actually, using those tactics can and will backfire on you big time over the long term. No! I’m talking about the scientifically proven, core principles that help you persuade and influence others so you get whatever it is you want—ethically, honestly and in full integrity.

Hi, I’m Dr. Karen Keller and I’ve spent more than 20 years helping women (and men) master the arts of influence and persuasion.

As you can see, these people have gone to achieve tremendous success in their lives. And if you want to learn and begin applying what they’ve done so successfully, you can get it all in my eBook,

7 “Must Know”
Secrets on Creating
Quick & Easy Insight
into What the

In it you’ll discover:

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7 “Must Know” Secrets on Creating Influence:
Quick & Easy Insight into What the EXPERTS Know
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And because I know that acquiring new skills, or honing the ones you already have, can be stressful and confusing I’m also including a special one-time bonus:

Special BONUS The Influence Blueprint

Savvy and successful leaders, executives and entrepreneurs know the power of influence. They wouldn’t be where they are or achieved what they have without having mastered the arts of influence and persuasion.

So to help you, I’ve created this special bonus chapter: The Influence Blueprint with my proven 5-step method to help you become a major influencer. In it I share with you details on each step as well as giving you some real-life examples of others who have followed (or not) the blueprint and their results.

Whether you’re a busy CXO, mid-level manager, supervisor, business owner, entrepreneur, individual contributor, working mom or are simply wanting to achieve a greater level of success than you currently have — this easy-to-digest and even easier-to-do bonus section is for you!

At your fingertips is additional information to help you stay focused and on track with your influence goals, the dynamics to understand, the people you’re influencing, and the traps. You’ll learn to see influence from every possible angle in order to harness its power for your benefit. Inside the bonus chapter you’ll learn:


7 “Must Know” Secrets on Creating Influence:
Quick & Easy Insight into What the EXPERTS Know
Only $29.97

Once you experience your ‘aha’ moment while learning these 7 Secrets of Influence, you will become more powerful and influential than you ever dreamed! To your success, Karen Keller, Ph.D. Creator, Working Woman’s Coaching Membership Publisher, Influence It! Real Power For Working Women P.S. Remember, influence starts with you! Get your 5 Step Blueprint now to get started on building your Influence Footprint! P.P.S. Once you learn and implement Karen’s 7 Secrets, your future will change forever. Click here NOW to download your copy today!