20/20 Charter Membership

December 9, 2010

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If you’re tired on settling for ‘mediocre’ and are ready to make a powerful, transformation that will reward you in most every way you can imagine ten-fold…

…then look no further.

But I warn you. This isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re content with being an ‘average Jane’ and don’t want to strive for greatness or excel in your personal and professional life, then don’t read on.

Everyone knows that if you want to do something right, you start at the beginning.

The power of influence starts within YOU. Using influence and persuasion techniques, reading body language, portraying yourself as bright, sharp, confident and articulate person are all characteristics and techniques that the great leaders of the world possess. These same traits can be learned … and can help you have an advantage in most any situation you’re in.

Just as a doctor doesn’t start off being a heart surgeon, a person doesn’t start off being a great influencer without going through the necessary steps to conquer and master the art of TRUE influence. The doctor graduates from college, attends medical school, completes an internship then onto internship residency BEFORE becoming a heart surgeon. But all of these pre-requisites added to the doctor’s intrinsic value – she’s now an expert in her specialized field and will dominate any related challenges that come her way.

So it is with influence. You need to start at the beginning and your journey will end with profound enlightenment and total success.

Be The Woman That Has It All!
Transform Your Life With The Three
Cornerstones of Extraordinary Success

Everyday you’re bombarded with messages. Messages that tell you how to do this, or how to do that. But where are the messages that confirm who you are? The messages that nurture your intuitive sense? These messages exist inside you – your intuition, your soul, and your mind. These three cornerstones come together to give you ALL you need to excel at life and reach levels of extraordinary success.

For the last 20 plus years I worked with top executives, VIPs and CEOs who hired me to teach them how to use the tools of influence and persuasion to accomplish all they deserved … all they desired in their business and personal lives … and obtain levels of unimaginable achievement.

Now, you can discover these powerful and proven, yet ready-to-implement, techniques that can be applied to your everyday life…

Discover, Conquer, and Master Influence
From The Ground Up!

20/20 Influence™ is for the woman who is ready to take control of her life and catapult it to the next level … all at an affordable cost!

I will teach you the strategies I used to build a 6-figure business … showing MEN how to become great leaders … as well as some of the most influential and powerful people in the world. During this time, I realized the massive edge men had by this knowledge of putting into practice the ideas and psychological know-how I used to build that success.

Now, I am eager to offer to you and not only the same techniques used time and time again with my male clients – but IMPROVED methods designed specifically for WOMEN!

Yes, what I know (and have personally coached hundreds of men on) I now have transformed for the female brain, mindset and personality.

This program will focus on the strategies, tactics, and step-by-step applications to further the art of influence whether it is in the home or office. You’ll learn how to be more comfortable in your skin as well as confident in your
decisions – whether it’s your boss, your business partner, your employees, or your family.

All of these situations have one thing in common – YOU! You have the potential power to influence every person, every circumstance, every outcome and the way you feel after. You control that power that is within you.

Being in control is not the same as controlling. Controlling behavior is being domineering, using manipulative tactics, holding people hostage by throwing temper tantrums, demanding to have your way.

Being in control is knowing who you are, what you need and WANT, and doing everything to get it. Being in control allows you to determine where you go from here, what ideas you share, and how to reach for more when someone says you deserve less. Learning about influence, intuition, and power puts you in the driver’s seat.

What Is The Most Powerful Gift Within Every Woman?

As a women, you already have an innate characteristic – an incredibly powerful gift that resides with you that has the potential to create overwhelming success in your life. However, many women either don’t know this mind-blowing power exists much less how to wield it to their advantage. But the best part is this gift is simple-to-awaken, easy-to-master, and the results are priceless!

There are times when doing it on your own just doesn’t cut it. You end up going in circles chasing the next shiny object. You need someone to help you uncover and express your gifts. A person who is interested in helping you influence your entire world. Your world is a direct reflection of how you are in it.

It’s not about stopping what you’re doing – on the outside. It’s about recognizing the inner gifts that make you the woman you are. A woman who owns her capacity to create massive change, connection, and contribution – on all levels of her life.

20/20 Influence™: Unlock the Power of Your Inner Genius!

20/20 Influence™ is a special membership program designed to help women release and harness the power of influence and persuasion in most every person or situation they come in contact with.

A wealth of information is available at your fingertips … the program is easily accessible from virtually anywhere in the World with Internet and phone access.

Here’s what you get:

Monthly – 60 minute training call
covering a multitude of topics including: influence, business, financial
independence, leadership,
communication, relationship building,
power, persuasion, and many more.
Monthly – 60 minute interactive
Q&A call that answer your direct
questions regarding each month’s
Live, personal coaching and
guidance on issues relevant to your
life, business and career.
Digital MP3 recordings of all calls
available to listen online or download at
your convenience.
PDF Transcripts of all calls available
to read online or download at your
Quarterly calls featuring expert
interviews on helpful business and life
strategies (MP3 digital downloads of
all calls).
• Free subscription to Influence It!
Real Power For Women my
breakthrough weekly enewsletter with
tips, secrets and much more for the

influential woman.

Plus THREE special, free bonus gifts!

Bonus #1 You will have the opportunity each quarter for a 30 minute
coaching session with me on any pertinent topic of your choice –
that’s 4 personal coaching calls the first year for free. $1,800 value!

Bonus #2 You will receive special VIP placement as a charter member
priority as well as an exclusive deep discount if you wish to advance to
the next level of membership (when it is available) – I promise this
discount will ONLY be offered to the charter members of the 20/20
Influence™ program. 50% or more discount!

Bonus #3 You will receive my breakthrough free report, Become An
Expert Influencer: 3 Foundational Concepts Revealed to Get
Results. $50 value!

You will develop the skills to…

   Understand how people think and what truly motivates them
   Not only influence decision makers – but influence the ‘influencer’
   Place you in a position of power
   Erase the fear that keeps you stuck
   Achieve your goals while being totally authentic
   Create instant partners that will last a life time
   Gain the knowledge it takes to break free from what is holding you back
   Build sustainable motivation with clients, team members, family or friends
   Stop self-sabotaging your success in business and relationships
   Empower yourself to greater heights than you imagined possible
   Create a mindset that supports your power and influence
   Apply the concept of Soul Influence™
   Manifest your dreams of being in charge
   Apply your natural talents and skills to any situation and come out a WINNER!
   Fully express YOUR true potential
   Create your destiny!
   And much more!

You will also discover how to…

    Make taking action and achieving goals part of every day
    Practice your influence with willing partners
    Ask the smart questions
    Fully develop into the influential woman you were meant to be
    What you need to know about controversial persuasion
    Lead with intention from your soul, mind and heart
    Conquer your own and others resistance
    Overcome the restrictions of self-limiting beliefs
    Captivate an audience
    Resolve conflict for a win-win
    Build the necessary confidence to influence anyone
    Master the art of problem PREVENTION
    Develop productive listening skills
    Understand what connection with people is all about AND how to do it
    The difference between manipulation and persuasion
    Recognize when you are being manipulated or influenced
    Optimize your influence with people who don’t like you
    Change others’ perception about anything
    The psychological factors that every woman must understand to be powerful
    AND much more!

Oh, of course, there will be tons of material and information throughout each call to support your business, your career aspirations, and your personal and professional relationships to help you:

    Increase your bottom line
    Build honest respect
    Create a community of empowered
    Learn the 6-Step Method to make a ‘Power
    And master the 5 Steps to becoming a
major influencer

Limited Time, Special Charter Offer:
Every Woman Has The Ability to
Achieve Triumph In Her Life!

I have created 20/20 Influence™ to be affordable for every woman to take advantage of in becoming the influential woman she is meant to be. I wanted to take money out of the equation when deciding to enroll in this program.

The Silver tier is designed to be a powerful, coaching program that contains expert strategies from a successful entrepreneur, executive coach and psychologist with a proven track record … as well as a coaching program that fits your budget.

The techniques in the Silver program are extremely powerful when you put it in action. In fact, by implementing just a few of the strategies you learn, you could add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line, get your ideas accepted and acted on, perhaps get that promotion you’ve always deserved, or gain the admiration and respect of significant people in your life.

While this program could easily be offered for much more (because of its tested and proven value), I have decided to create a special membership pricing because I don’t want ANY woman to miss her chance to be all that she can be!

20/20 Influence members will only pay $39.97/month. And this rate will remain in effect for the life of their membership.

That’s right, for about one dollar a day members will recieve powerful, life changing information including…

• Create the type of influence that really lasts
• Know how to use influence to attract more
opportunities and connections
• Use influence to open doors that were
once closed
• Learn how to build relationships that
engage customers, clients, co-workers,
friends and family members
• Discover how to cultivate and master
influence techniques for overall life

Are you ready and willing to step into the next level of your life and make this next year a life changing one?

Take your first step now by clicking below!

To activate your 20/20 Influence membership in the new Silver tier of the 20/20 Influence™ program, sign up below via our secure online registration form.

My #1 Goal Is To Help You Achieve Greatness!

20/20 Influence™ is truly a program that was engineered to help women around the world, no matter where you’re from or what your economic status is.

My purpose is to reach the thousands of women who desire a life that they have control over, who know they can learn and benefit from a Master Certified Coach, AND who realize that now is the time to make a decision to grow their power potential to becoming an ‘influential women’.

I believe every woman should have access to this life changing, transformational knowledge and not be held back by cost.

My mission is to make this information easy to access, easy to implement, and easy on your wallet!

Now, more than ever, women are asking themselves, “Is this what I was meant to do? Is this all there is? Have I fulfilled my purpose?”

Once you face the answers to these tough questions then you can embark on the journey it takes to accomplish this monumental shift.

Are you ready to start the New Year off right? Become a member of the 20/20 Influence™ program now and take advantage of the special membership pricing.

All the best,

Karen Keller, Ph.D.
Creator, 20/20 Influence™
Publisher, Influence It! Real Power For Women

P.S. Remember, influence starts here! Now is the time to unlock your purpose … your possibilities … and your power.

P.P.S Reinvent yourself and let your inner-woman prevail. 2011 can be your year of change. Click here NOW to let the transformation begin!