Create a Better Relationship to Your Work Environment

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.


How can you better relate to your work environment?

Tips to creating a better work environment.

Most people spend more time at work than they do at home, with their family or with their friends. While it seems like an utter travesty, the facts remain unchanged, so it’s important that you have a good relationship with your work environment, whether that’s the people that you work with or the space in which you work. What are some tricks for keeping things healthy and happy while you’re in the office? 

Keep your space clean. You know the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” right? Well, whether you believe that or not, it’s still really important to keep your space clean. It’s a direct representation of the way your mind works. Cluttered desk; cluttered mind.  

Make your office/cube inviting. Don’t keep it so clinical that it’s not comfortable to be in your work space. Put up a few pictures and get a lamp to brighten things up. It makes work much more pleasant. 

Help keep communal space tidy. How many people in your office gripe about the break room being dirty again? Making it so that only one or two people deal with that area is unfair and breeds resentment. Chip in and do your part to help keep everything clean. 

Bring in treats every once in a while. Nothing motivates a crew like a break room surprise of bagel and cream cheese or cookies. It gives them an excuse to leave their desk and they are sure to come back to work feeling happy. 

Organize a potluck. This is a great way to get the whole team in on an activity. You can all have lunch together and taste some of your delicious homemade food. It also helps to keep the employees feeling like a team when they’re able to spend time together outside of a project. 

Allow yourself some time to chat about non work conversations with team members. Which brings me to my next point, that you’ve got to take time to talk about other things besides work or everything becomes work and then there are no breaks, which can be really exhausting.  

Make sure there’s levity. A good dose of laughter will help lift the spirits of any team and boost morale right up. Take time for some joking or even doing funny activities around the office.  

Keep lines of communication open. Above all, make sure there’s communication. If people don’t feel as though they can communicate with you or others on the team, then productivity grinds to a halt. Make sure everyone you work with feels comfortable communicating any ideas or problems they may be having.

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