Maximizing Your Influence in the Board Room

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.


Make your presence (and influence) felt in the board room.

Influential performance where it counts: in the board room.

If you’ve found any success in your career, chances are you’ve always been able to wield some sort of influence over people and you’ve likely kept your influence muscles well-honed over the years. But if you really want to wow upper level management, you’re going to need to pull out the influence “big guns” next time you’re in the board room. 

  •          Speak up. Do NOT let yourself get passed by or talked over. If you have a point to make, then make it and don’t let anyone interrupt you while you’re making it.
  •          Be ready for anything. Meetings are so frequently comprised of tangents and side conversations, so always be ready to talk about anything you may be working on at the time.
  •          Don’t be forgotten. Of course speaking up is important, but if you’re just reiterating someone else, no one will remember what you say. Make sure you have something memorable and relevant to say when you speak up.
  •          Have visuals on hand. Even if it’s not a powerpoint presentation, carry something in your pocket or on your laptop just in case people start asking for more visual proof or answers.
  •          Dress to impress. It may seem like an afterthought most days, but it’s SO important to pay attention to dressing properly and professionally as well as being well-groomed. A disheveled appearance can often lead management to think that you’re work will be shoddy as well.


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