Finding Life – Changing Goals

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

When life changes, goals shift

Take small steps when changing your goals

It’s the one constant fact of life: there is nothing constant except the beating of your own heart. Life changes as we grow older. Our priorities change as our life makes it through twists and turns. Some changes are momentous and many are small. But if we can’t learn to change our goals with the changes that happen in our lives, we may find ourselves becoming more and more frustrated with our inability to meet these goals. So how can you effectively change goals throughout various stages in your life? 

Recognize changing priorities. Before you can make changes to your goals, you have to realize that your life is changing. If you can’t accept that you have changing priorities and your life is moving in a new direction, it will be very hard to make changes to your existing goals.  

Take baby steps. If the goal you had was a pretty big life goal, you aren’t going to be able to change it overnight. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, in other words. Look at your life goals in smaller, micro goals. See if there are areas you can tweak rather than change the whole darn thing. 

Change parts of a bigger goal. Of course, if you find areas that can be broken down into smaller goals, but will still help you get to your bigger goals, I recommend looking at those first. Tinker with the smaller parts before you completely overhaul a major component.

Constantly reevaluate your life and goals. Once you’ve made smaller changes keep track of them. Make sure you feel like your goals are always in line with the direction your life is headed. While it’s always good to have ambition and drive, trying to force your life in a direction it may not want to go typically yields bad results.

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