Power: What Women Do Right

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.


You’re doing it right: how women can use power well.

Are you using your power to lead or direct?

I recently came to a realization the other day that we (including myself) spend a lot more time focusing on all of the possible negative outcomes of women getting power. Now, while I maintain that you always need to be careful with the power that you have, there is absolutely nothing negative about women in positions of power. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty darn awesome to see a lady with some real responsibility. So, what are all of the great things that we, as women, do with our power that we may overlook? 

Help others. One thing that most women are absolutely great at, whether they are the CFO of a Fortune 500 company or a stay at home mother, is nurturing. So why shouldn’t you be able to nurture some new careers using your power and influence? Use your power to give deserving and eager new employees a chance to prove themselves.  

Put a stop to problems. As women, we tend to spend a lot of time worrying about problems and people outside of ourselves. While this can be detrimental if you let it get to you, I see nothing wrong with taking notice of what’s going on around you. Chances are, you’re more than likely than men to see if there are problems in the office due to emotional or mental problems of the employees. Plus, people will likely feel more comfortable talking to you. Use the power you have to help make changes to ease the emotional stress on your employees.

Institute new policies. You want to see change happen? So go out there and make it happen! Don’t wait around for someone else to make waves. You’re perceptive and your intuition is keen. If you’re certain something is the right move, just make it. You have the power and authority to do so; go for it! 

Now I want to hear from you. What are some of the positive ways that you’ve used your power to do something positive?

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