Coaching Others to Develop a Strong Intuition

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.



Let’s face it, keeping your intuition to yourself does no one any good.
Once you understand your own intuition, it’s time to teach others.

You’re a successful woman. You’ve worked hard to get where you are (and where you’re going!) and a good part of that is by learning how to listen to and analyze your intuition. I’m sure that you have employees that you rely on to help you finish projects and handle various tasks and I’m sure that there are one or two that you would like to mentor and teach some of your “secrets” so that they can find success as much as you have. Well, one of the things you’re probably going to have to teach them is how to hone, listen to, trust and communicate their intuition. So how do you best teach someone how to listen to their own heart? 

Let them know you want to help. How can you mentor someone if you don’t let them know you’re going to do so? Also, you’re going to want to make sure that the person you’d like to mentor is actually up and ready for the challenge and wants your help. 

Periodically “check in.” The best way to find out how someone is feeling is by scheduling mini meetings to just check on how your little “grasshopper” is doing. Talk to them about how they fell their intuition has helped and/or hindered them in the past week or two.

Encourage their thoughts and feelings. In order for your employees to rely on their intuition, they have to feel comfortable expressing their emotions at work. An environment that discourages emotional connections is not the best place for people to learn how to rely on their intuition. 

Run situations by them. Just like many other career paths, students often don’t learn skills until they are forced to use them. Rather than talk at your employees, ask them what their gut says to do in a given situation. After they say what their reaction would be, talk about it. What was good, what might not work. Above all, be gentle. You’re dealing with a delicate area for some people and you don’t want to do more damage than good! 

Listen to YOUR intuition. It does no one any good if you aren’t listening to your own intuition. If you feel like you might have made a mistake or someone is ready for more responsibility, listen to your gut. It is, after all, what you’re trying to teach your employees.

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