Develop Your Sixth Sense

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Your intuition knows. Learn to trust it

Learn to listen to your sixth sense.

It’s that little voice in the back of your head that says, “Make this choice” or “Don’t go down that road.” Our sixth sense tells us when it’s time to duck out of an uncomfortable situation and when it’s best to stick up for ourselves. Chances are, we use the sixth sense, or our intuition, on a regular basis in our personal lives, but some of us have stopped relying on it during our business lives as well.

Instead, we rely on spreadsheets, weekly meetings and emails to inform our decisions before we make them and we ignore any sort of “gut feeling” that we may have about a project or even an employee.

It’s time we stopped ignoring what is intuitive for us and simply listen to our sixth sense. But how can we go about doing this.

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Put away the calculators and research papers. All too often, we rely on hard evidence and, well, who could blame us? It’s stood the test of time and been reliable on numerous levels most of the time. But sometimes, the human factor doesn’t get taken into account. Will this project overwork employees? Is it too hard/too easy for the staff it would take? These things require your intuition, not some spreadsheet.

Stop and listen. So many times, we’re bombarded with information while we’re at work. Sales pitches, product presentations, project updates; all of these things can clog our brains with useless information that we don’t actually need to make a decision. This stuff, blocks our sixth sense and we have a hard time hearing it. You have to make time to stop hearing everyone else and start listening to yourself.

Find some quiet. Find a quiet place. It could be your office; it could be the third floor supply closet. Just find a space where no outside noise can get to you. Soon enough, you’ll start hearing that intuition loud and clear.

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