Finding the Balance Between Intellect and Intuition

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance Between Intellect and Intuition

As women, we’re usually blessed with a keen intuition from the get go. Whether we rely on it heavily or not, it’s there and it can help guide us out of some sticky situations. The problem with our intuition is that it’s guided by our emotions, which, as we all know, can be completely irrational at times. The challenge we face is not to disregard our intuition, but to make sure that it’s grounded in solid reasoning and nurtured with a sharp intellect. In other words, intuition and intellect are the yin and yang that, when balanced, can lead to very solid decisions and leadership. So, where do we even start trying to balance these two forces?

    1. Determine whether your heart or head leads. We typically rely on intuition or intellect, one more than the other; so first, you have to figure out which is your dominant “side.” You may rely on your gut when making all of your business decisions, or you might take the time to study all of the facts before you make a choice. Discover which part leads and make a commitment to strengthen the “weaker” half.

    2. Work to strengthen your weaker half. If you rely more on your intuition, make it a point to spend more time researching your decisions before you make them. If you have a hard time listening to your intuition, then start small, but try to listen to your first reaction and go with it. Be a little bit impulsive.

    3. Relearn to trust your decisions. None of this process will feel natural. You’ve learned how to work a certain way for so long, so it will be hard to unlearn habits. Remember, you’re a smart, wonderful, successful woman who will always land on her feet, no matter how shaky you may feel at first. Just trust yourself to make the right decisions.

    4. Stand by your judgment calls. Others may question your decisions as well, once you start strengthening your other half, so be sure to stand by them. They are likely questioning your judgment because they have become accustomed to certain behavior from you, not because they think you’re wrong.

    5. Watch the balance fall into place. When you work to find balance, when it clicks, you’ll know it. Suddenly, using both your intuition and intellect will feel like second nature and you’ll feel more confident in your decisions.

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Plucky Lady October 5, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Intuititive descision making hasn’t been “fashionable” for longer than I can remember…..But the truth is: Truth can be scary at first. Loving yourself, and the truth of that descision……can start the mind preparing for the truth that only the body can provide! Thoughts are feelings…..Intuition can provide the insight needed to “feel” our descisions from within…..and then respond with reciprocity.


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