Finding Confidence from Within

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.


Finding the Confidence in Yourself

Being a career woman, you know the toll that your career can take. Late nights, lunches at your desk, early morning conference calls and a severe lack of enough caffeine to actually get you to perk up by 8 am. With all that you do for your company, whether it’s your own or you’re a C-level executive, sometimes you can get dragged down and feel completely deflated.

In order to succeed in business, we need the confidence to keep smiling and know that things are going to work out. But when we spend so much time focusing on everything else, our own confidence can fall to the wayside. When we let this happen, when we don’t take the time to grow our own self-confidence from within, when we’re faced with true challenges, we may not be as strong and confident as we need to be. So take the time to building your confidence from within.

Practice daily affirmations. Stuart Smalley said it best: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, gosh darn it, people like me!” Your affirmations don’t have to be that hokey, but remember to compliment yourself every day. This can be as simple as acknowledging an incredibly good hair day or as complex as the way that you successfully managed a crisis. Oftentimes, people will forget to compliment you, but there is nothing wrong with telling yourself when you did a great job.

Keep reminders of your successes. When you were a little girl, didn’t you keep and display every trophy or award you won? What’s stopping you from continuing to do this? You’ve worked hard to receive your accolades and seeing them on a regular basis will help keep your confidence strong.

Revel in achievement, no matter how small. For some reason, as we grow up, we’re told it’s not polite to celebrate our achievements openly all the time. While I understand bragging about accomplishments is not healthy, it’s OK to openly talk about your achievements. They’re something you can be proud of and you should be able to celebrate them.

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