Using Adversity to Your Advantage

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.


We’ve all experienced it from time to time. There we are, chugging along full steam ahead in our most recent business endeavor and then, out of the blue, adversity strikes. We put on the emergency brake and come grinding to a sudden halt to overcome the adversity that we’re now faced with. But you don’t have to let adversity get you down. Learn to take the challenges posed by adversity and turn them into stepping stone to get you back on track.

Take time to let the situation fully set in. If you don’t set aside a day or week to really comprehend the degree of adversity you’re going to face, then you won’t be able to properly overcome it. It’s important not to meet challenges with denial, but with a sense of understand and realism.

Acknowledge and accept your current situation. Now that you’ve let the reality of the situation settle in, take a breath and accept that the challenges you are about to face cannot be avoided and, in the long run, it’s faster and easier to meet those challenges head on, rather than avoid them.

Develop a plan to overcome your adversity. You’ve made plans for many other business ventures in your life, why shouldn’t you develop a plan to overcome adversity? Outline all of the steps you believe it’s going to take in order to surmount your challenges and then be realistic about the timeline and the amount of energy it’s going to take in order to overcome this adversity.

Recognize that in order to change things, you must take action. If you develop a plan, but never take action, you will never change anything. This is the scariest step, but it’s the most important one in order to overcome adversity and turn failure into a success. Remember, you are a smart, wonderful woman who has overcome many other obstacles in her life; this challenge should be no different.

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