Is it Good to Hire New Moms

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

new momsWhen new moms decide to get back into the workforce, they have to go through the same hiring process as everyone else. Some companies see new mothers as a red flag. They envision a woman who is constantly having to leave early to take care of her child, will arrive at work looking hurried and frazzled and probably has spit up on their jacket. Is this what you should think when interviewing new moms? ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, based on a few key factors, mothers can be a great asset to a company. Here are just a few.

They’re smarter. Studies show that women actually get smarter after they have children. This is also a great reason for some companies to offer good maternity packages. They will be getting the new moms back in even better mental condition than when they left the company to have their child.

They multitask better. This is sort of a no brainer. A child means that you almost always have to do more than one thing at a time. Whether it’s talking on the phone and changing a diaper or making dinner and making sure they don’t stick their finger in an outlet. Those skills translate really well into a work environment. They will be able to handle more tasks than many of the child-free employees and they’ll likely handle it with a lot less griping.

They’re working for a reason. We all work for reasons. Of course, we all work to put a roof over our head and pay our bills. However, a new mother is working with the life of her baby in mind. She wants to provide for them and be able to take care of them the way they deserve. Her drive will be greater and her dedication to work will be higher. If you really want to make her feel comfortable enough to perform, give her “work from home” days. Then she can spend time with her child and also provide top notch dedication.

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