Growing Your Business the Organic Way

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

organicIf you’ve ever started your own business or are currently working for a startup, you know what it’s like to frantically try to get your company off the ground before you run out of money. You’ll do just about anything to get your name out there. You’ll try crazy marketing gimmicks, you tweet like crazy and you work 20 hours days just to make sure your company is a success. Then, when you finally start seeing returns, how do you start growing your company? The answer is to do it organically. Here are some tips to growing your business organically.

Listen to your market. So often, companies rise and fall because they don’t actually listen to their target market. Don’t try and tell your potential customers what they want, make them realize a need they’ve always had, but didn’t realize initially. And if you don’t have the exact product they want, be willing to adapt your business model to suit their needs. Remember, until you become a success, your first customers really have quite a bit of power. Respect it.

Invest in smarts, not numbers. When you find it’s time to start hiring a few new employees, invest in smart, creative, dedicated employees. Sure, you can get two or three less experienced, less motivated employees for the price of one good one, but will you be able to trust them enough to actually let them do their own work? When you have employees that are smart and self-sufficient, you can spend your time worrying about other areas of the business, which is the way it should be.

Be able to evolve quickly. In today’s market, opinions ebb and flow daily, so it’s important that you never stop listening and be willing to change quickly to meet demands. I’m not saying you should sell out your initial idea, just be able to adapt your product to whichever way the marketing trends are blowing.

Go with the flow.There is a natural progression to businesses that are growing. Watch to see where it’s going. Hire to meet the current needs of your business and if you see it being successful in a new area, pursue it.


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