7 Personal Power Qualities of Influential People

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Personal power makes a person influential. His or her personal power is what is left when other powers or money is lost to him or her.

People are learning the value of their personal power. For years, they have invested in the belief of being powerless. Competing desires, thoughts, and feelings interfered with accessing their power. Many times these competing desires included the desire to please or do for others.

For example, you want to stop smoking but can’t resist the relaxation of puffing on a cigarette. Your health depends on it. But you are now wrestling with competing desires. When you give in to the obvious unhealthy choice your personal power goes into hiding. Personal power increases when you make decisions that support your growth.

Personal power has many features. It puts you in control of your life – accessing the ability to achieve goals – to influence others. Personal power is your greatest asset, one that grows with the proper nurturing and guidance.

Personal power increases your energy level. Your self-esteem and confidence are proportionate to your personal power. The freer you are, the more you can experience your personal power.

There are 7 qualities that contribute to the success of your personal power. These are the sum total of the influential person’s personal power.

  1. Communication and relating skills. Are you communicating your opinions and ideas in compelling ways? Do you move people into action? Do you understand the value of mutuality? Is there a sense of empathy that guides you in connecting to others? Do you solicit the emotions and allegiance of others?
  2. Contribution. Are your accomplishments highly regarded and respected? Do others place a high value on you?
  3. Powerful ideas. Are you thinking outside the box? Do you possess not only insight but foresight into what is needed next?
  4. Focus. Do you operate from a space of passion and dedication to hard work? Are you easily distracted? Do you strive tirelessly for important goals?
  5. Self-confidence. Are you hesitant to speak up on vital matters? Or does the importance of speaking up outweigh any fears?
  6. Dependability. Do you always do what you say you will do? Are you a sought after team member? Can you create alliance and cooperation in the group?
  7. Trustworthiness. Do you speak the truth? Are you honest with your feedback, your commitment and your loyalty?

Your answers to these questions are a good indication of your effectiveness, your attractiveness, and the strength of your personal power. Powerful and influential people cultivate these qualities to increase their influence reach.

People need to take control over their personal power. And, remember, personal power puts you in charge of your life. History has proven that if you don’t cultivate your personal power someone else will, which may not be in their best interest.

Everyone can reach higher levels of personal power by digging deep, discovering what they need to expand on while purging habits that hold them back. Strengthening your faith in what is possible and building a personal power base will make you an influence force beyond your imagination.

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