Smart Women Appreciate

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Women helping women.

Smart women appreciate a lot of things, but today, I’m going
to give you an inside peek as to what those things really look like. Sure,
flowers and Valentine’s Day candy are always in the mix, but we’ve built this
piece to be shared with men and women alike. And it’s not about buying things – it’s about the things that make life easier for the smart women in your life!

Initiative: Smart
women love it when their colleagues, family members and friends take the
initiative. Go the extra mile, grab an extra latte, stay a little longer or make us laugh just because they know we need it.

Giving credit where credit is due and helping colleagues and loved ones shine.
After all, we couldn’t get it done without these people, so it’s always nice to hear how they appreciate us in return.

A Smile: Bring it
with you to the office, roll over and show it to us in bed each morning, flash
one at us during a meeting or have one ready when everything goes wrong.
They’re free, take two muscles to create and they’re the perfect break for
whatever ails us!

Great Ideas:
Smart women love these. Bring them to us, let us think about them. Show us how
they’ll make our lives easier and help our families be happier and clients
satisfied. We can’t conjure up every great idea ourselves.

Your Action Task for today? Think of some of the things that
you and the smart women in your life appreciate. How can you bring those into
the lives of others? If you have great ideas, we naturally want to hear them.
Share below and we can’t wait to read!

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